Spirituality & Abundance: Week 1


Broadcasting live: Nov 7, 2018 @ 9AM Pacific
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Week 1 of Spirituality & Abundance.

There are so many spiritual people and healers who and live in lack based consciousness. It’s important to not live in this mindset anymore. It’s not necessary, and it doesn’t serve us or the planet. There should be no reason for lack and limitation.  I came from major lack and limitation growing up and it’s been something I’ve worked on my whole life.

This is going to be a 4 week class all about spirituality and abundance.  Can you like nice things, like a hotel on a beach, traveling, good food, nice clothes while also being a spiritual person? There’s no reason to choose one or the other. It’s only our beliefs that are going to stop us from that creative energy. I want to invite you to this series so you can experience the energy of love & abundance.

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Summary of the Videos in Week 1 of Spirituality & Abundance

Video 1: Sacred Activations

What are you doing? What’s controlling your life?

Today we’re going to clear:

  • Fear of Power
  • Healers Who Suffer
  • Glass Ceiling
  • Suffering to Get Close to God
  • Playing Small
  • Anger and Resentment Toward God
  • Fear of Losing it If You Get It
  • Healthy Boundaries


I’m going to be running all of these Activations at once, clearing past lives, future lives, genetics, and the collective consciousness. I’m stacking Activations these days; it’s a lot faster and a lot more powerful, so I hope you’re ready!

These will continue to shift you for the next few days, weeks, and even months, so focus on what is keeping you stuck and we’ll clear all of that right now.

Sacred Activations Included:

Fear of Power

This Activation will clear your empowerment-related fears and align you with your power, which is already there; you just keep it hidden from yourself. Are you ready to step into your empowerment and who you truly are? Are youready to show up in the world and make your contribution without being afraid to take your next step? This Activation will help you on your journey.

Healers Who Suffer

This activation is for healers who continue to suffer or experience challenges in successfully doing their work. It clears all oaths, vows, agreements, and traumas on the genetic, past life, and collective consciousness levels. It allows you to ground and connect as a healer and do your work more effortlessly.

Glass Ceiling

This Activation enables us to recognize instances we are setting subconscious barriers for ourselves: points that, for some reason, we don’t feel safe to move beyond. This Activation makes it easy to identify and remove these self-imposed limits, and stand in our light with confidence, love, strength, inner peace, and wisdom.

Suffering to Get Close to God

Do you hold the belief that you have to suffer in order to be close to God or close to your own divinity? There are a lot of unconscious beliefs we have been conditioned to adopt without question about how suffering in silence and martyring oneself is a “righteous” and “good” way to live. However, this is a misunderstanding that actually creates energetic dis-ease in the collective. Although we all suffer on some level during certain phases of growth in our existence, we can choose to learn either through suffering and hardship or through joy and love. This Activation will help you clear out any beliefs that youhave to suffer to be close to God, and will allow you to start shifting your experiences and vibration to be more in alignment with Source.

Playing Small

Do you find yourself playing it small so others can feel comfortable around you? Are you afraid of your true power? Do you hide? Do you work in jobs that do not use your full potential? Do you not tell people how you really feel? Are youready to be in your power? Are you ready to be who you are truly meant to be? Are you ready to show your full power of who you truly are?

Anger and Resentment Toward God

This Activation is about releasing anger and resentment toward God, seeing those as beliefs WE created, and most importantly, how to release these very debilitating and choking beliefs. If you feel as though you are a “victim” of life—that God has given you too much or you were cheated out of something somehow—we will clear all of those beliefs now so you can reconnect with God through a vibration of unconditional love.

Fear of Losing it If You Get It

Are you afraid to fully commit to a course of action or daily habit because youdon’t want to launch yourself too high for fear of having to come down again? This Sacred Activation is all about failing forward consciously and with full intention and openness. It will allow you to move forward while working through and recognizing the fears and setbacks you are experiencing in the moment so that you can consciously make more effective and wise decisions in each moment.

Healthy Boundaries

This Activation is all about knowing where your boundaries are and setting them with intention rather than aggression. When someone crosses a boundary with you—intentionally or unconsciously—you will be able to respond mindfully rather than reacting from an emotional trigger point. Establishing healthy boundaries becomes more intuitive and effortless once you have integrated this Sacred Activation.

Video 2: Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is to help you integrate today’s Activations so you can go with the flow of life and stop resisting your journey. Allow the flow of life to take you and surrender to it; this is the most effortless way you can achieve your goals, align with your purpose, and live in a state of love and inspired action the majority of the time.

Feel happiness, joy, and unconditional love flowing through every single cell of your body, every atom of your being. You are the creator of the flow in your life; give yourself gratitude, respect, love, calmness, and peace within your heart. You have learned, grown, and changed so much! Be grateful for everything youhave learned along your journey. It’s okay to have money, to be in abundance, and to nurture yourself.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you, Source, for EVERYTHING. Thank you for all of my experiences, everything I’ve learned, and everything I’ve been able to teach others through my experiences.

I am that. I am! Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Video 3: Q&A and Conclusion

Week one of four! Anybody have any questions or anything? No questions, no comments? Alright. Remember to repeat any of the Sacred Activations and guided meditations you receive as often as you feel you need to in order for them to fully integrate. Have a beautiful week, replays will be sent out within 24 hours, and definitely use the guided meditation to bring yourself into the now of gratitude and abundance. “I will be happy now,” and everything else flows in. I love you guys, have a beautiful week!


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