Spirituality & Abundance: Week 2


Broadcasting live: Nov 14, 2018 @ 9AM Pacific
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Week 2 of Spirituality & Abundance.

There are so many spiritual people and healers who and live in lack based consciousness. It’s important to not live in this mindset anymore. It’s not necessary, and it doesn’t serve us or the planet. There should be no reason for lack and limitation.  I came from major lack and limitation growing up and it’s been something I’ve worked on my whole life.

This is going to be a 4 week class all about spirituality and abundance.  Can you like nice things, like a hotel on a beach, traveling, good food, nice clothes while also being a spiritual person? There’s no reason to choose one or the other. It’s only our beliefs that are going to stop us from that creative energy. I want to invite you to this series so you can experience the energy of love & abundance.

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Spirituality & Abundance Week 2 Summary

Video 1: Introduction – Week 2, How Your Past Lives Can Affect You In This Life

What are you creating in your life? Are barking dogs guarding your heart so no one can get in?

Tamra shares personal stories and experiences of healing and past life energy clearing. One of her past lives took place in ancient Mayan society, so she shares some thoughts on programming and conditioning we’ve been experiencing going all the way back to that tribe.

Everyone’s journey is different, but is there something you experience that is repetitive?

What does this have to do with money? Everything!

What about healers who make good money? They end up being trashed because people think money is “evil” and people who have money are also “evil.”

However, if you’re sending this message out into the universe, you’re not going to make money. Love yourself, honor yourself, and honor the work you’re doing. Part of that is being financially comfortable and being able to meet all of your needs.

Do you sabotage yourself?

Where are you putting your attention? What are you focused on? We have the whole world within us; the only way to change the world outside is to changefrom within, and it’s about being happy and in joy.

Get in touch with any past life that is affecting you now.

How are you affecting yourself? How are you stopping yourself? Let’s do a guided meditation and then we will do some Activations to shift all of that now.

Video 2: Past Life Regression & Guided Meditation

Which lifetime is most affecting and blocking you? Get really comfortable and we’ll go on a journey.

You will be able to jump into different lifetimes and observe them so that youcan receive the information you need to receive in this lifetime.

What is holding you back? We’re going to release any drama, trauma, and ways you have cursed yourself. Allow this energy to unravel all of that negativity at a DNA level.

Now we’ll replace all of that with love, blessings, joy, and happiness.

Video 3: Week 2 Sacred Activations

Attendees share their experiences with the past life regression, how it affected them, and what their journeys entailed.

We’ll be clearing fear of power, fear of misusing your power, and the fear of repeating traumatic experiences.

Everything is a sacrifice these days, isn’t it? What are you sacrificing, though?

Why can’t you make money being a poet or a painter or a healer? How is that affecting youThese are all lies that society tells us. The collective buys into the beliefs, and we’re going to unplug from that and plug into unconditional love, abundance, health, and energy.

How are you sacrificing yourself?

What belief systems stop you from doing exactly what you want to be doing at this time? What keeps you broke? What takes your money? What’s stopping you from feeling like you deserve what you desire?

Letting go of attachments, cords, and the need for the entertainment of the trauma and drama. Letting go of fears.

How are you sabotaging yourself?


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