Spirituality & Abundance: Week 4


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Week 4 of Spirituality & Abundance.

There are so many spiritual people and healers who and live in lack based consciousness. It’s important to not live in this mindset anymore. It’s not necessary, and it doesn’t serve us or the planet. There should be no reason for lack and limitation.  I came from major lack and limitation growing up and it’s been something I’ve worked on my whole life.

This is going to be a 4 week class all about spirituality and abundance.  Can you like nice things, like a hotel on a beach, traveling, good food, nice clothes while also being a spiritual person? There’s no reason to choose one or the other. It’s only our beliefs that are going to stop us from that creative energy. I want to invite you to this series so you can experience the energy of love & abundance.

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Summary of Event

Video 01: Introduction
The Original Blueprint

Hi, everyone! It’s so awesome to see you guys again!

Today, we’re going to do something that I’m not even teaching my practitioners until February because it kicked my butt for two weeks. Are you guys ready?

This is the Original Blueprint. My life has completely shifted with this, although it also totally kicked my butt. This will help you to get really clear and aligned with your soul, which will then help you to make decisions to best get you to where you are meant to be in the beliefs of abundance, joy, prosperity, and success.

Everyone you meet and every situation you create is designed to help you grow. Nobody is a victim here; we are attracting what matches our vibration. The Sacred Activations will continue to assist you.

This is our last week together in this course, and I really think this is one of the most powerful webinar series I’ve done so far. Attendees share some of their breakthroughs and experiences over the past month.

Tamra shares some powerful insights about healers and how our belief systems can affect our lives and what experiences we attract. Do you feel like you have to go through more challenging times in order to have enough experience to become a healer?

Addictive behaviors can be healed with Sacred Activations. Tamra shares a personal story about her son’s addiction to heroin and how she was able to help him clear that. He is still clean and doing very well several years later.

Video 2: The Original Blueprint Activation Preparation

In this session we will be writing down some of the words that we associate with success. It isn’t how much you have or what your circumstances are; it’ about being in the flow and appreciating what you already have, then intentionally living toward your desires manifest.

Let’s do this. For this session you will need some paper and a pen.

Video 3: The Original Blueprint Activation

This Activation plugs you into the program of abundance and all of the words you just wrote down. All of these programs already exist, and when we plug into these belief systems, I will wire your DNA into it, as well as weaving the collective DNA into it. Give it a couple of weeks and then listen to this again, because these are energies and frequencies and vibrations we’re not used to, so it will take some practice to stay plugged in.

This is like getting 100 de-activations all at once, and we will be activating your DNA. All of these Activations will clear out your belief systems. You will get all of these at once, and this might take weeks or even months to continue to expand you. You will continue to grow and expand in so many ways, you have no idea!

Video 4: Q&A and Conclusion

Attendees share how they experienced the Activation. Some experienced an instant release of pain from the heart chakra and other areas of the body. Tamra answers questions about the Activation and what to expect.

This took Tamra a couple of weeks, and she’s been doing this work for six and a half years, and she knows she’s still shifting and changing. Relax and enjoy the process, and just be in the flow and appreciate what you have. It’s okay to have fun and enjoy your life, and success brings with it options and freedom.


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