Tamra Shares her Magical Life using the Money Energy Paycheck System Webinar


Tamra shared how Magical her life has become using the Money Energy Paycheck System.
She is being Divinely Guided to Exactly what she needs including a Beautiful Home up on the hill within walking distance of the cliffs overlooking the ocean! The house is PERFECTfor living and conducting business in! She even had a “Triangle” shaped (LOL PERFECT!)
Jacuzzi given to her!! She encouraged us all to participate daily even if it’s in a very basic form. If you don’t have time or can’t write down everything then just pay yourself for a certain amount of hours worked. Do not forget, being a Mom and/or a Wife is a job too!
Pay yourself for anything you feel good paying yourself for! That might be taking a nap if that is what would help you and be the most Self-Loving!

Attitude of Gratitude- Be Grateful for everything and everyone!
Sacred Energies on our manifestation list/goals for the week

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