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There is so much when we talk about Dualism. The whole world is set up on separation. There is heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons too. Me v’s You is also a separation programme. There is no competition, the only competition is ourselves. It’s our belief systems. Dualism is just a programme, it’s the energy we create. So you have to pull yourself back and be present and focused. Are you Ready?


The Dualism Webinar is all about the duality inside everyone of us. Duality causes separation, and separation causes contradictions. The duality is what causes us to fail to nurture and achieve the full potential of the whole energy within us. We trigger an imaginary war between the two halves (what we are and its counterpart, what we are not) and it stops us from becoming the completeness that we are supposed to be. Tamra says that, we need to realize that the angels and demons are not always fighting. They are not rivals, they are both here to serve. When we let go these beliefs we clear a large number of belief systems that are associated with this one core belief of ours.

Here’s the part-by-part summary of what happened during the webinar:

Introductory video

There is so much when we talk about Dualism. The whole world is set up on separation. There is heaven and Hell, do you know what that is? It’s the reincarnation line. If you don’t get it and do not get through your programs then you get to go into the reincarnation line. You go to Heaven or you go to Hell, but guess what? It is YOUR energy, you are creating and manifesting much faster than ever before. Dualism is just a programme, it’s the energy we create. Heaven and Hell are right here. Angels and Demons too – if you are being attacked by a demon or being assisted by an angel then you are learning from it. Me v’s You is also a separation programme. There is no competition, the only competition is ourselves. It’s our belief systems.
Everything and everyone is a mirror, they are actors in our play.

Other separation programs; Successful/ Not Successful – Health/Death – Religious Separation – Political Fights.

We are all in this together and we are the craters of ourselves. When they say “Waking up” – Do you know what that really means? It means “Being Present”. 94-99% of our lives are run by our subconscious belief systems.

Heaven and Hell Activation

At the beginning of this video I share a story about going to Hell with Thoth. It sounds pretty scary and probably makes you think I’ve got demons on me! I was asked “How do you stop a spiritual war if you’re believing in separation? Angels fighting demons? Good and Bad Aliens fighting for our minds?” It’s all separation programmes. As a master you need to learn about the dark arts. If you are everything and you are protected you can expand into everything and everything is all the same energy. Then you realise Heaven and Hell are both the same energy and are both 4th dimensions. When we leave our bodies (our meat suits) we go into this energy that we create instantly. You create everything. You are a Master creator. What are you creating? Heaven or hell?


Angels and Demons Activation.

They are both masters here to serve us in our video game. What are you calling on? Do you need to be attached by a demon or be possessed? Or do you walk with angels? We are going to clear all the negative energy around this and remember you are in charge of who shows up. Focus on what you have been subconsciously creating.


Good v’s Evil Activation.

We are all playing the game the best we know how. So if your programs are evil and being unkind, then you do this the best you know how. Same for being good. If you are labelling people good and bad, or evil and good, it keeps you in that separation programme. If we shift out of this belief system you no longer need to create that separation. So let’s clear out good v’s evil so that you do not have to create that separation within you.


You V’s Me Activation

So competition? Success/Not Success.. You v’s Me there is no such thing – There really should be no competition, the only real competition is within you. When you think of people as your Guru or your peer, you think they know more than you but that doesn’t really mean anything. They are really focused on creating what they desire but don’t necessarily mean they are spiritually enlightened or aligned. So let’s clear out the duality of You v’s Me and unplug from the competition.


Being Healthy or Sick Activation

There are programs for both being healthy and being sick. Whether healthy or sick, all the programs are there for you to plug into. There are so many sickness programs that are always trying to seep into your energy field… ALWAYS and if you accept them then you are going to get sick. So plug into the healthy programs and unplug from the sickness ones. Also includes Youth V’s Aging Activation.

Poor v’s Rich Activation

They say that 1% of the planet has the money and the rest of the planet is either middle class or poor. It is just another separation programme, anybody can be wealthy. If you are wealthy you do not need to be unkind, there are plenty of people that are poor that can be unkind to so it has nothing to do with money. We hold ourselves back from money because we fear we’re going to turn unkind, or that we don’t deserve it. Why not? Nobody on this planet is any better than anybody else. So let’s clear out the duality of poor v’s rich and be consciously creating whatever it is you desire. It’s up to you!

Dualism- The War inside Activation.

How does dualism show up in your life? If you have opposite belief systems you are constantly running the opposite programs, cancelling each other out and so you are unable to manifest what you desire because you have two things going on inside you. So have a think about what war is going on inside of you and use this activation to clear out those subconscious programs on Dualism, the two sides and bring it into oneness.


According to Tamra, this is the most important webinar of the year 2019!

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