The Dualism Webinar | The War Inside

$120.00 $25.00

Live Zoom Sesion with Tamra Oviatt
Saturday, September 28, 8AM PST

  • 5 Activations
  • 1 Guided Meditation
  • Replays (Audio & Video) in 48-72 hours


The Dualism Webinar is all about the duality inside everyone of us. For us, everything has to be binary — life vs. death, angel vs. demon, divine male vs. divine female — it’s everywhere. But this is just a way of looking at things. Both the male and the female reside within us. If we are too judgmental of one half, like men, or of women, we fail to nurture and achieve the full potential of the whole energy within us. We trigger an imaginary war that stops us from becoming the completeness that we are supposed to be. Tamra says that, we need to realize that the angels and demons are not always fighting. They are not rivals, they are both here to serve. Similarly, we often judge our life or who we are today in respect of how we had wished our life to be or who we could have become. This stops us from harnessing the enrgies of the ‘Now’ and creating the life that we want to create. If we are always judgmental of the life we are living and thinking of instead how our life could be, how are we supposed to create the life that we desire using the energy that’s already here?

These are the paradoxes and dilemmas that this webinar is going to address. It shall consist of 5 activations and one guided mediatation which can be purchased later for $20 dollars each. But you already know, there’s always much more to the live sessions than there’s going to be in those pre-recorded files!

P.S: If you have already enrolled for the Living In 5D: Out of the Mind Matrix program please do not buy this webinar, it’s already a part of your package.


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