Transcending All Human Judgment Masterclass

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Clean yourself of your judgment and judgment of others

4 Videos | 4 Audios

48:56 Minutes of Content



Part 1 – Initial Teachings

Tamra opens up by sharing of her own shifting since the first Living In 5D webinar. After this she announces that in this webinar you will transcend all human judgment.

In this first part she shares a lot of teachings. Among them are the following:

Everything is light. When you leave the body through death, you create heaven or hell for yourself based on what you believe.

After some time she also shares about her talks with Lucifer.

Then as a homework assignment she tells students to watch The Truman Show (movie).

“Our higher selves are having such a blast watching what we’re doing, and we’re all laughing at one another.” It’s just like friends playing a video game together.

“We can create anything that we put our energy into. And you don’t have to have all of your belief systems totally shifted before you do it.”

This 30+ minute part of the webinar is packed with powerful teachings before moving on to parts 2 and 3 which are a guided meditation, then running some activations.

Part 2 – Guided Meditation
In this part Tamra conducts a guided meditation called “Your Holodeck” for the master computer that runs your life and your experiences. This is a very powerful guided meditation.

Part 3 – Transcending All Human Judgment and Unmask Your Heart activations
These will also clean you out of self judgment and judgment of others and your beliefs around anyone judging you.

Unmask Your Heart is a higher level of the original Unmasked activation. This one clears you of all fears.

Part 4 – Brief Conclusion to Webinar
Tamra expresses gratitude for all who posted testimonials about Sacred Activations. She also talks about being on the Darius Show the following week.

The next topic that Living in 5D will cover will be ‘Duality.’ You’ll most certainly want to be a part of that webinar.


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