Universal Activations Package 3 – Includes 14 Activations

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The following activations transcend the categories and work in all areas of release. There are three packages for the Universal Activations. Click here to view Package 1. Click here to view Package 2.

  1. Mary Magdalene
  2. Setting Boundaries and Clearing Guilt
  3. Sky Is Falling (The)
  4. Stop Creating Conflict
  5. Stop Parasites
  6. Things get Worse Before They Get Better
  7. Tree of Life – Sacred Geometry Activation (Replaces The Moses Codes)
  8. Ultimate Release: Anger, Fear, and Guilt
  9. Unconditional Love Reconnection
  10. Waiting for the other Shoe to Drop
  11. What if Miracles Happen
  12. Wrong Choices
  13. Wrong Fork in the Road
  14. Yesterday’s News

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