We are Creators Masterclass

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A short teaching section about becoming a conscious creator.
Write down what you want to create and focus on it.

5 Videos | 5 Audios

61:12 Minutes of Content


Part 1 – Teaching 

Living in 5D, but operating in the 3rd dimension… because we still have to show up.

So it’s about not feeling weird, or better than, because even though we’re much more connected and knowing we’re not locked into the matrix, like most, we still have to function in it.

Not allowing the judgments of others to affect you.

Level 1 – People completely in the matrix

Level 2 – They do believe that they are connected to a higher being, but it’s a higher being… out there!

Level 3 – Understanding that we make up this world, but it’s still divided.

Level 4 – Becomes kind of magical. They’re getting it, but they’re still not acknowledging their subconscious programming.

Level 5 – Becoming VERY magical and working on mastering themselves… realizing we’re all one. Even at levels 4 and 5 we’re still plugged into the separation of the 3D and 5D… It’s all one. There is no separation.

Those in 5D musn’t judge those in 3D, but accept them where they are.

Everything’s inside of us and we are creating. We’re either creating separation, or we’re creating Oneness.

This part is filled with very deep and profound teachings, sharing from her own experiences.

Part 2 – Activations

Dis-create the judgments within ourselves. Then clear all timelines and parallel universes.

This is also about claiming your responsibility for all your creations and why you did that… all of your reasons.

Another powerful section of clearing and healing.

Activations run: Inner Child, Defragmentation, Total Body Connection, The Halo of Knowledge.

Part 3 – We are Creators

Peace, love, joy, and happiness is supposed to be our eternal state at all times, but it’s time to become conscious creators of our lives. There is a short teaching section here about becoming conscious creators. Write down what you want to create and focus on it.

Part 4 – Teaching – Total Integration

Take time every single day of total integration with your body, connecting into Mother Earth. Whatever it is, expanding your light will allow you to be in that flow of who you are in the oneness of who you are.

It’s important not to disconnect and run and hide.

This is your play. How do you want to play it? Just be you. Show up. Don’t care what anybody thinks. It’s your play.

Part 5 – Questions, Answers, and Comments

Very insightful questions and feedback in the last part of this webinar.


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