Webinar: Men and Women



In the news, on social media, on the streets, wherever we turn, there is a needless internal war.

Men struggle with their self-image and position in society among other men. Women fight the same battle. And then there is the struggle between the sexes. It has been going on for thousands of years.

In short – TOO LONG!

It is time to change! It is time to free ourselves from the chains that we have forged and embrace our own beauty and the beauty of humanity.

We present a webinar with at least 6 individual activations focusing on transforming the relationships:

  • men judging themselves and women judging men
  • Women judging themselves and men judging women 
  • Divisions in culture
  • Divisions in religion
  • Divisions in financial status
  • Separation from ourselves and others

Finally, join me as we move beyond judging each other as well as ourselves.

Let the frustration, anger, and fear that is reflected in the mirror day in and day out…and then brought down on others, be gone.

Let your reflection be as the Creator meant – filled with love and appreciation for all that is when you participate in this powerful webinar.

During this 1.5 hour webinar you will join me from the comfort of your own home via the Zoom webinar and together we will make a difference for ourselves and each other!


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