Week 1 – Clearing Your Past Incarnations – Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love


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Week 1 we will be Clearing Your First Incarnation.

This week you will clear and heal your first incarnation and all the trauma you’ve picked up throughout these lifetimes.

This single webinar will be the equivalent of 10 to 50 activations. This is the new, accelerated Sacred Activations, and we are very excited for this new series.


SUMMARY OF VIDEOS included for Week 1:

Video 1 – Introduction

Over the next 12 weeks, we will be connecting you to All That Is. We will let go of disease consciousness, lack and limitations, dying, aging, relationship toxicity, addiction, and anything else that you are plugged into that holds you apart from the oneness of All That Is.

You will learn:

  • What types of programmed belief systems there are in general so you may be aware of your clearing process.
  • How Sacred Activations helps you to unplug from your limiting programmed belief systems.
  • How to plug into Source Energy and unconditional love.
  • Clear past life traumas and pain through every incarnation.
  • Connect to your inner being, higher self, or oversoul.
  • Release feelings of separateness.
  • Connect to All That Is.
  • Expand yourself, thus expanding the world.

Join us on this incredible journey of healing, self-discovery, and awakening! You are an incredible eternal being and you deserve to live the life you dream of. Let’s plug into abundance and unconditional love energy.

Video 2 – About Healing Your First Incarnation

When we come to this planet, we decide what we want to learn, and we’re ready and excited, but we’ve never been here before… and all of a sudden we jump in and we’re programmed for all of these belief systems that don’t serve us.

We come from Source Energy and unconditional love and suddenly feel isolated from it when we enter our vessels and begin to live a life on this planet. The sense of separateness is another construct or program that we believe more easily because we are further removed from Source Energy depending on our vibration and emotional state.

We feel like we lose our power. We feel alone and abandoned, like God has forsaken us. If that sounds familiar to you, we’re going to clear it.

Video 3 – Clearing Your Past Incarnations

So you’re here, you’ve plugged into all of these programs, and you’ve forgotten yourself. So you’re finding your way, and you’re deciding things to believe or not believe, and you’re doing good, but there’s something missing.

You might feel like you don’t belong here. Like you’re a stranger. Like you don’t fit in. Who are these people? What is this place?

When you judge others, you are also judging yourself. They are another one of you: doing the best they know how with what they have.

We can let go of the drama, trauma, fear, and judgment. When we bring a belief system forward, we keep building on it until we deal with it and release it. Life keeps showing us through manifestations what those belief systems are, giving us opportunities to choose differently from what we have been programmed to choose.

Life becomes easier, more effortless, and more joyful once these beliefs are released. Be kind and loving to yourself, and if you need to cry, go cry. Don’t react to or judge your emotions; they are merely being purged from your system so that you can move forward with love and light.


Releasing Belief Systems from Every Incarnation

Release the sense of separateness and remember your connectedness to Source and All That Is. Let go of feeling abandoned, unloved, unwanted, and not being enough. Allow this Activation to clear all of those old beliefs.

Plugging into Unconditional Love

Feel the incredible healing love energy of Source. Know and understand how important, loving, and amazing you truly are. Understand the impact of your experience here on Gaia and how incredibly important you are, what an amazing gift this life is. This world is so beautiful and has so many things to teach you, to teach the universe. Get connected and honor the light within you, the light that you truly are.

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