Week 10 – Universal Oversoul – Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love


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Have you ever connected with your Universal Over Soul?  Can you imagine how vast that is?  Imagine how many souls are connected in that.  It is all a part of you.  Imagine being able to embody this any time you desire.  Full connection, full clarity, full understanding, and the knowledge, the understanding and the vibrations of expansion of who you are totally connecting you to God energy.

You are the creator of your life.  Would you like some help?  We will be doing tons of activations and I will be doing a guided meditation at the end of this webinar for you to listen to and use for your communication with your Universal Over Soul.  It is a tool you can use over and over again with your self communication.


Video 1 – Introduction – Universal Oversoul

Activate & Gain Access to Universal Knowledge

Activations included:

  • Starseed
  • Star Gate
  • Galactic Federation
  • Unmasked Emotions

Ask Questions of the Universe

Connect to all universes and all possibilities. We live on many levels at the same time. It’s time for us to be who we truly are… if you’re here, there’s a reason why you’re here. When you expand your knowledge of who you are, it expands into the knowledge of All.

We are powerful creators, creating on different levels from different levels of consciousness… this is you. All of it is you. Are you ready to connect into your Universal Oversoul? Let’s activate our consciousness.

Video 2 – Activations

Starseed Activation

Connect with your team of guides and selves from other lifetimes and states of existence on many timelines and in many different dimensions. Imagine gaining access to all of the knowledge and sensory input from this many different lifetimes of experience and then being able to utilize that knowledge to make your life here better.

Star Gate Activation

A level beyond Starseed Activation – it is a process, and this is kind of like time travel. We can travel faster than the speed of light by utilizing our consciousness, our imagination, and our memory. We can travel astrally, and we can do this with other planets and galaxies instantly. Tap into this ability and the understanding that comes with it.

Galactic Federation

Help to heal the 5D grid system and charge it with unconditional love energy to heal the consciousness of the planet. The third dimensional grid system is falling apart, and for good reason; its structures are ill and diseased and rotting.

We can change the consciousness of the planet, and we are changing that when we activate unconditional love. There are so many diverse belief systems of separation; we all consider ourselves separate for different reasons. It is such a gift to be different, though. We should all begin to celebrate those differences because we all represent different pieces and parts of the whole, contributing through our unique experiences to the collective understanding of All.

Unmasked Emotions

Allow the universal energy of love to flow through you, and through the whole world. Connect with your heart and your sense of unconditional love. We always feel like we have to suppress our emotions, but this is actually damaging. Open yourself up to the vibration of love, joy, and happiness. Feel that pure Source love flowing through your DNA. The feeling of being ecstatic, of falling in love, of ecstasy, of connection…. This is where inspiration thrives and life becomes magical.

Connect to your Universal Oversoul

This is like installing a direct line of connection to your oversoul, your higher self. This connection allows you to integrate knowledge and understanding of things you may not have been able to integrate before, as well as being able to connect with all aspects of yourself at once, no matter the lifetime, timeline, or dimension this aspect of yourself exists in.

Video 3 – Question & Answer

Masks and layers of false perception being peeled back. Discussing rose gold and liquid gold energy, and allowing unconditional love to flow into your life by loving yourself unconditionally. Physical changes, our worlds shifting, cancer experiences, healing experiences, old selves dying, and embracing the unknown of life to enjoy the journey more deeply. Going with the flow, no more freaking out, and feeling at peace. Panic attacks and fear, but remember there are no victims; we create our own troubles. Self-care, connecting with your higher self, and re-listening to Sacred Activations.

Can’t cope with loud noises anymore? Do the Universal Life Grid Activation.


I just wanted to say that since I made a conscious decision to surrender, allow, and receive, things are really accelerating and I’m just allowing. It’s just been beautiful!

Life absolutely gets happier and easier!

Video 4 – Connect to Your Universal Oversoul

This is a guided meditation to help you connect with your oversoul. Do this often, and then before you know it you will be able to connect with your oversoul without needing the assistance of the meditation anymore.

Connecting to the Universal Grid System from Space, safe and protected.

Ask questions and receive gifts from the Universe. What would you like to know? What gifts would you like to receive? What would you like to ask about your life?

See you in your infinite brilliance!

Allow your knowledge and understanding to be expanded. Feel the knowing, the understanding, the compassion, the love.

Video 5 – More Questions

De-activation for social anxiety; I will be doing this soon.

Telling the energies and entities to leave you alone at night so that you can get some sleep; stop leaving your body to do spiritual and psychic work, and finally get some rest.

Life’s Grid Activation will help with that.

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