Week 2 – Clearing Ages 0 to 7 – Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love


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At ages 0 – 7, we create programs which dictate our relationships, our money, diseases we get, what we will look like, etc… It’s all from programs we are plugging into.
Will we have good relationships or bad relationships?  Will we be healthy or sick?  Will we have money or no money?  Will we struggle or have no struggle? 
We made most of these decisions already in our subconscious before turning 7.  So, let’s clear all that out and make new decisions on how our future should be…It’s easy and magical. Guaranteed you will change as fast as you want to.

SUMMARY OF VIDEOS included for Week 2:

Video 1 – Introduction

We make so many decisions about our lives and what they’re going to be like when we’re children. We create belief systems at these ages that affect us throughout our entire lives.

Is the world a cruel place or a fun place? We choose this when we’re children. We make decisions about how we will look, how successful we will be, how much money we will have, and many, many other decisions.

And we don’t even consciously know that we made those decisions. They just run in the background and dictate how we behave and react.

Are you ready to let go of those limiting beliefs? Today’s training is part of the Out of the Mind Matrix with Love program, and I’m so excited and honored to help you on your journey.

You will learn:

  • What you were programmed with throughout your life.
  • How to recognize your programming.
  • Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions create our lives. Consciousness creates matter.
  • We create more of what we feel, so our emotions are so important.
  • Happiness, joy, and oneness woven into your DNA.

Video 2 – Activations to Clear Out Programmed Beliefs from Ages 0 to 7

Identify and release any and all negative or damaging belief systems from your subconscious mind. From the ages of 0 to 7, we live in theta brainwave state, making us highly suggestible and inundating us with information about life that we then adopt as belief systems within our subconscious minds. This happens automatically, whether we are aware of it or not.

These Activations will clear out your programmed belief systems. What belief systems did you adopt from ages 0 to 7? What stands out for you, good and bad? What decisions did you make about your health, appearance, and life in general? “I want to be like this,” or, “I don’t want to be like that.” What did you experience and how did it affect you? Uncover and release any old belief systems that don’t serve you, layer by layer. Discover your programming and liberate yourself from it on all levels, effortlessly.

Christ Consciousness Awareness Activation

Christ Consciousness Awareness empowers you to create miracles in your life.  Additionally, this heals your heart, filling you with gratitude and releasing you from self-judgment.

Flower of Life Activation

This heart-healing activation reconnects the two hear chakras and activates your Flower of Life. It plugs you into the unconditional love of the 5th-dimensional grid system, filling you with gratitude and empowering you to create miracles in your life.

DNA Weave of Happiness, Joy, and Oneness Activation

A DNA-level integration of joy, happiness, and oneness woven into your being on a quantum level. Your cells throughout your entire body will be joyful, rejuvenated, and happy. This will enhance your daily experience, allow you to be more present in the moment, and feel unconditional love, joy, and oneness no matter what activity you are participating in. As this Activation integrates into your DNA structure, you will feel peaceful, joyful, and connected every moment of every day.

Video 3 – Q & A and Sharing Experiences

Lots of gratitude! Talking about integration, emotional purging and release, and letting things go permanently. Changing your reactions, expanding consciousness, and listening to Sacred Activations while sleeping rather than awake; either way works!

Letting go of past traumas without needing to relive them. Some thoughts on not remembering your childhood. Everyone experiences release differently; sometimes if you feel like you need to relive trauma to heal, you will relive trauma to heal. However, you don’t have to; you can choose to just not think about it and let it go.

Also, what’s coming up next week? Clearing lack and limitation so you can plug into abundance!

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