Week 3 – Clearing Lack & Limitation – Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love


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You can have everything you desire right here and right now. Tamra will go through activations clearing your lacking and limiting beliefs which are holding you back. When these blockages are cleared, you will discover that you can have everything you desire right here and now.

SUMMARY OF VIDEOS included for Week 3:

Video 1 – Introduction

Did you know that lack and limitation is bullshit? Everything we can imagine is available to us. If you’re experiencing lack and limitations, you’re the creator of that. How you create this ties into the programming you’re plugged into that comes from any and all systems, groups, cultures, and belief systems you have personal encounters and experiences with.

Do you hold unconscious beliefs that people with money are evil? Controlling? Greedy? Does this mean that you will be the same way? Did money (or a lack thereof) create a lot of issues and arguments between your parents?

You can’t plug into the energy of being broke and expect to be wealthy. However, you don’t have to plug into other people’s energies, and you can choose to plug into abundance and love.

What you will learn:

  • How different people experience life.
  • Everything is here and available for us!
  • Whatever energy you feed into is the energy that you will experience in your life.
  • It’s your perception of what the future is going to hold and what life will be like that actually creates the experience you will have.
  • Do you have a “why bother” attitude or belief system?
  • Are you aware of the lack and limitation you are plugged into on an unconscious level?
  • Whatever you expect is what you will receive, so start observing your life and your thoughts and how they are connected.
  • Honor and love your life experiences without comparing yourself to others.
  • You can choose to learn through positive experiences or through negative experiences.

Video 2 – Clearing Lack and Limitation Activations

In this sections, we will be clearing out and disconnecting from lack and limitation programming. What are your deeply held belief systems about money? Allow all of these programmed beliefs about money to be cleared so that you may live the abundant and joyful life you dream of.

It all begins within you; by healing yourself, you are better able to help heal others. This also helps heal the collective and raise more and more people into a life of abundance and love.


Clearing Lack and Limitation

This will clear your unconscious programming about lack and limitation on all levels. It clears your genetics, your family, the beliefs you have about money from the government, religion, and so on. Any and all programmed beliefs associated with money will be cleared so that you can plug into abundance.

Family Constellations Activation

This clears everything from your family tree energetically that could be holding you back without you even knowing it. This includes any family karma, past life karma, and any associated energies that affect the bloodlines. It also allows you to forgive any and all wrongdoings, such as abuse, so that you can let go and move forward.

Caste System Family

Were you raised in a competitive environment? Were certain people in your family better than others because they had more money? In your experience, were people who had money controlling with it? Did they use it to hold power over other people and manipulate their decisions in some way? Clear any and all energies of judgment, resentment, and fear surrounding money and those who have it. This allows you to cleanse your energies as well as the energies of your entire family line, bringing healing to you and to everyone else as well.

Poppy Syndrome Activation

What happened any time you tried to shine or stand out? Were you discouraged from continuing? Were you brought down rather than being supported in your endeavors? Release any self-deprecating beliefs about money so that they stop preventing you from achieving your goals. It’s your job to be the poppy and stand out! And you can start doing this by loving yourself for who you are, as you are, where you are, right now.

Fruit of Life Activation

This Activation balances and clears all of your chakras, which connect you not only to your higher self or soul, but also keep you grounded and connected to Gaia. Your chakra system helps keep you in alignment and at peace, and when there is a blocked, overactive, or underactive chakra, it can create symptoms not only in the physical body but also in your life experiences. Repeat this Activation as often as you want to keep your chakras balanced and clear.

Video 3 – Q & A

Remember that you are a gift to life!

Tamra covers some gentle reminders about the emotional purging process, especially for anyone who’s new to Sacred Activations. She also discusses insights and strategies for manifesting abundance, including practical habits to help you more forward each and every day.

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