Week 4 – Deactivate Mind Control Vibrations – Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love


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There is a vibration in the air, kind of like radio-waves, that sends out an energy of separation, war, hate and vice, which Tamra is going to deactivate for people this week on the call so they can come into oneness. We are all in this together. We shouldn’t be separated because of our politics or our belief systems.

We have to realize we are in this together. This is all a part of transforming yourself to a higher level of understanding, and being able to connect with all that is you. Activate Oneness in knowing we are all together. Love for all.

SUMMARY OF VIDEOS included for Week 4:

Video 1 – Introduction

There’s no such thing as separation; there’s only our belief systems about it. Disconnect from separation and plug into oneness for all. We are the creators of our world, all of us together. When one learns, we all learn. Clear out any anger, resentment, judgment, and biases against others and let go of any and all belief systems that make you feel separate from other people. Let go of any feelings of separation and feel more connected and at one with yourself as well as everyone in your daily experience.

Activations Included:

  • Family Constellations Activation
  • Caste System Family
  • Inner Child Reconnection Activation
  • Release Separation, Anger, Resentment, Judgment, Fear, and Hatred
  • Unplug from the Vibration of Separateness, Anger, and War Consciousness

Video 2 – Activations

Release all sense of separation. Integrate healthy boundaries, discernment…. Alchemy of the third dimension so you can see through God’s eyes. This allows you to see the connectedness of all. Learn to ask relevant questions and develop your intuition. Release and disconnect from the vibration of separateness, war, and fear.

Family Constellations Activation

This clears everything from your family tree energetically that could be holding you back without you even knowing it. This includes any family karma, past life karma, and any associated energies that affect the bloodlines. It also allows you to forgive any and all wrongdoings, such as abuse, so that you can let go and move forward.

Caste System Family

Were you raised in a competitive environment? Were certain people in your family better than others because they had more money? In your experience, were people who had money controlling with it? Did they use it to hold power over other people and manipulate their decisions in some way? Clear any and all energies of judgment, resentment, and fear surrounding money and those who have it. This allows you to cleanse your energies as well as the energies of your entire family line, bringing healing to you and to everyone else as well.

Inner Child Reconnection Activation

The Inner Child Reconnection Activation reclaims the pieces of your soul that have been left in other lifetimes, galaxies, and dimensions. It clears out all traumas that caused the separation, reclaims your power from those lifetimes, and surfaces your foundational beliefs for clearing and reclamation of personal power.

Release Separation, Anger, Resentment, Judgment, Fear, and Hatred

This Activation releases you from all feelings of separation, anger, resentment, judgment, and fear on all levels. This includes the way you perceive yourself as well as the way you perceive others individually, as groups, and the way you see the world as a whole. Get ready to experience the magic and bliss of life after toxic emotional states.

Unplug from the Vibration of Separateness, Anger, and War Consciousness

Our spiritual war is a war of consciousness, and is being played out behind the scenes whether we are aware of it or not. However, sometimes we are unwitting participants, which is why we must disconnect ourselves from war consciousness and plug into unconditional love. When we understand ourselves and our lives from a state of unconditional love, life becomes more satisfying and effortless to participate in.

Video 3 – Guided Meditation

Visit the Akashik Healing Chamber. Cleanse your auric field and experience oneness and unconditional love being woven into your DNA. Love for all, love for all of yourself. Self-love is world love. When you can truly love yourself, you can truly love the world, then the world can truly love itself and we have heaven on earth. Everyone is working together. You and your unique gifts are so important to the whole. Connect to this energy and allow it to heal you on every level of your being, in this dimension and all others.

Video 4 – Q & A

Thank you! Allow this to integrate and have a beautiful week. Next week is disconnecting from disease consciousness, then aging, then dying. The journey is underway and it’s all about connecting into oneness. We’ll be connecting to our soul, our oversoul, and our galactic oversoul. Much love and have a beautiful week!

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