Week 5 – Disconnect From Disease – Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love


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We will be running many activations to rid you of dis-ease. Disease is man made. It’s a collective consciousness belief system. There are hundreds of thousands of diseases we can plug into and suffer from, so we are going to totally erase any need to experience disease anymore.

SUMMARY OF VIDEOS included for Week 5:

Video 1 – Introduction to This Week

Belief systems are woven into the DNA and we can choose to accept and integrate these beliefs or not. Oftentimes, disease consciousness is about getting bored, giving up, trying to get your family back, needing rest… it’s about fear of living on some level. It’s an excuse to stop yourself, beat yourself up, and make yourself suffer. All diseases are self-created energetically. All of them. You’re not a victim of disease; you’re a victim of your own mind creating things. Why would you create suffering instead of creating joy and happiness? You can learn the same lessons through joyful experiences that you can through painful experiences, so start shifting your focus to learning from everything with this week’s Activations, and disconnect yourself from disease consciousness. Sometimes we’re so afraid of who we are that we create distractions for ourselves. Disease is man-made. If God is perfect, there’s no disease. There’s no reason for it anymore. I invite you to disconnect with me today.

Activations Included:

  • Disconnect from Disease Consciousness
  • Disconnect from Disease Programming
  • Disconnect from Food Programming
  • Disconnect from Addictions

Video 2 – Sacred Activations

Disconnect from Disease Consciousness

How many people do you know who are stuck in beliefs of cancer and other diseases? What percent of women will get breast cancer? What percent of men will get prostate cancer? How many people say this or that disease runs in my family? Would you like to disconnect from all of that? We only get what we believe, so let’s change it. Disconnect from group and genetic consciousness and clear out your core beliefs about disease.

Disconnect from Disease Programming

Clear self-hatred and self-destruction. Clear the need to make disease your friend. Learn to forgive yourself for anything you’re blaming yourself for or punishing yourself for. Forgive yourself right here and now. Clearing cell memory of trauma, releasing overwhelm. Release high blood pressure, schizophrenia… disconnect from any and all psychological conditions.

Disconnect from Food Programming

Do you feel like you’re poisoning yourself if you don’t eat organic? It is your beliefs about the food that determine how it will affect your body, so you actually program your food as far as how it will affect you. Let’s disconnect from and clear any limiting beliefs about food now.

Disconnect from Addictions

Let go of any addictive behaviors quickly and easily; this Activation will allow you to release the emotional discomfort associated with addiction and allow you to no longer feel desperation or need for whatever you are addicted to. Instead, you will experience a sense of calm around it and find it easier to release all triggers associated with the addictive behavior.

Video 3 – Guided Meditation

This guided meditation helps you to release and clear out any remaining energies and traumas in your auric field. Clear, heal, and rejuvenate every cell of your body. Come into oneness. Receive the knowledge woven into your DNA that you are one with All That Is. Fully integrate today’s Sacred Activations more effortlessly by following this guided meditation.

Video 4 – Q & A

On sharing Sacred Activations with others, being energy, information, and light; thoughts on the 8-8-8 Lion’s Gate and timing as this is the perfect time to release disease consciousness! You will heal as fast as you’re ready to. Thoughts on having conversations with people to settle disagreements peacefully. Next week: releasing belief systems and programming about aging, death, and dying. Remember to love yourselves!

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