Week 6 – Deactivate Your Beliefs About Death and Aging – Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love


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Aging is a collective consciousness belief of what we’re supposed to look like at what age and how we’re supposed to act. Our perception of dying is also just a belief system here in the matrix. We don’t have to go through the dying process. When we are done with our mission we can leave.

In week 6, I connect with source energy so we can dis-create these belief systems within and in the collective consciousness. As these beliefs dissolve, we are brought into a higher vibrational frequency where we can look age 40 instead of age 80.

SUMMARY OF VIDEOS included for Week 6:

Video 1 – Introduction to This Week’s Upgrades

Some thoughts on aging, dying, and death. The only reason we believe in death and aging is because of what we’ve been programmed to believe about it, so whatever issues or things you think you’ll have, you can choose not to have those issues. What is your life expectancy? Would you like to be healthy, happy, and look young? This is all available to us, and the only thing we have to do is change our belief systems around it. Let’s let go of the beliefs that stop you from being who you are.

Tamra shares about her upcoming travel adventures and how letting go of everything is liberating. Interested in seeing what she’s up to? Follow her adventures here and on her YouTube and Facebook pages.

Activations Included:

  • Clearing Past & Future Lives, DNA, and Collective Beliefs
  • Humans Are Fucking Stupid, Get Me the Hell Out of Here
  • The Sky is Falling
  • The Book of the Dead
  • Moses Code Activation
  • Age Reversal Activation
  • Collagen Activation
  • Telomeres and Stem Cells
  • Cell Snap
  • Upgrade Your Life Force

Video 2 – Sacred Activations for Death & Dying

Aging, death, and dying. What does death and dying mean to you? Do you have a fear of death? Do you hold trauma in your body from past lives? Let’s clear all of this energy.

Clearing Past & Future Lives, DNA, and Collective Beliefs

This clears your genetics and unplugs you from the collective consciousness and belief systems about death and dying, whatever those might be for you.

Humans Are Fucking Stupid, Get Me the Hell Out of Here

Sometimes we miss our unconditional love connection so much, we get a feeling of such separation and abandonment. Feeling homesick. Lost. Exhausted on a soul level. Feeling like you’re overwhelmed by life. Let’s release that and get reconnected to the unconditional love and healing of Source energy. If you believe that earth is hell, you create hell. Maybe you believe you learn more through suffering than through joy. Whatever those limiting beliefs might be, we will release them here today.

The Sky is Falling

Do you believe life is full of suffering and struggle? That our existence here is somehow meant to be a traumatic or difficult one? We have the choice to experience our lessons in ways that are traumatic or in ways that are positive, so let’s disconnect from the idea that life is trauma and chaos, and connect to the belief that life is beautiful and fun.

The Book of the Dead

Clear and disconnect from programmed ideas about death and dying. This includes belief systems about what age you will die, how you will die, and whether you believe it will be traumatic or not. You will also be given the knowledge of what to do when it’s time for your transition to the next life. Your past and future lives will be cleared of all traumas associated with death and dying.

Video 3 – Sacred Activations to Disconnect from Beliefs About Aging

What blueprints did you set up for yourself about what you’re supposed to look like at what age? Where did you get them? Would you like to erase all of that? What age is it that you think it’s impossible to get to?

Moses Code Activation

Aging is a belief system, a series of programs just like so many other beliefs we hold. The Moses Code Activation disconnects you from beliefs about aging and allows you to re-create yourself as you wish, without letting your programming about aging determine how your life plays out.

Age Reversal Activation

This Activation deactivates the aging gene and reactivates youthfulness within your DNA. You will be released from your genetic beliefs about aging and the group consciousness of what aging is. You are a being of light; as the creator of your own reality, you can learn to choose youth forever.

Collagen Activation

This activates elasticity and youthfulness throughout your skin, organs, and body systems. Enjoy the experience of feeling each cell within your body being renewed, replenished, and rejuvenated. Spike your auric field with a connection to Source energy and see all of your fears and worries about aging melt away.

Telomeres and Stem Cells

Activating telomeres and stem cells for age reversal. Your brain is a powerful tool, so we are working with it to increase elasticity and help the two brain hemispheres to connect and merge for optimal functionality. This will help you to activate certain gifts, expand your soul, and help you to be more present in the moment.

Cell Snap

Heal adrenals and chronic fatigue; have energy and vitality again. This Activation works directly on the glands and cells throughout your body to revitalize them and heal any and all chronic conditions that may be affecting you and holding you back.

Upgrade Your Life Force

Strengthen your abilities to heal yourself, recharge, and replenish your cellular structure. Your youthfulness is within your power, just like everything else in your life. Empower yourself to take charge of your youth, health, wellbeing, and self-care with this Activation.

Video 4 – Q & A and Sharing

Yawning is energy shifting! The energies we’ve just shifted will continue to integrate over the next several weeks and months. You will be amazed at the results! Clients share positive experiences, and Tamra shares how these Activations might affect people in the coming days.

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