Week 7 – Walk-ins & Releasing Demons – Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love


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There are a lot of spirits who have walked-in on this planet. Some spirits will walk-in and help you with a situation and leave when you’ve gotten through it. I’ve witnessed that with a friend of mine. Sometimes walk-ins will come in and the original soul stays there as an agreed upon contract.

I have some very personal, very interesting information to share with you on that, which I will go over during the call.

A lot of people have had experiences with demons, and we will clear that once and for all. Let’s live in a demon free world, with our free will, to live the life we want to life.

SUMMARY OF VIDEOS included for Week 7:

Video 1 – Introduction to Walk-Ins and Demons

Tamra shares some insights about her experiences with walk-ins. What is a walk-in? How can we understand different aspects of ourselves? Do you have a soul contract with another aspect of yourself? This is all about expansion and soul growth, and in order to do that we will clear out everything that isn’t supposed to be there. Get ready to release any and all connections to energies that aren’t supposed to be connected to you. We’re going to clear all of that today.

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Activations Included:

  • Black Magic & Voodoo Energy Clearing
  • Energetic Attachments Clearing
  • Get Your Keys Back
  • Black Magic Puppet Master
  • World Heart Chakra
  • Prison Planet

Video 2 – Sacred Activations

Black Magic & Voodoo Energy Clearing

If you have any energetic attachments or entities hanging around that aren’t supposed to be there, this will help clear those energies and attachments. It will also help clear any curses through your family, genetics, religion, etc. We’re releasing all curses and dark energies; anything that isn’t supposed to be here will now be released. God knows what is supposed to be there and what isn’t, so trust in the process and let go of these attachments with this Sacred Activation.

Energetic Attachments Clearing

Attachments to your house, your children, your land… any energetic attachments to anything in this or any other lifetime and timeline will be cleared and released with this Sacred Activation.

Get Your Keys Back

Remember your own power with this Sacred Activation designed to help you trust in your ability to figure things out and take charge of your healing journey. Sometimes we give people power over us, energetically giving them the keys to our lives and the ability to control us on a larger level. This Activation will return your keys and power back to you, where it belongs.

Black Magic Puppet Master

Release energetic attachments through every single cell of your body. With this Activation, all attachments to past life experiences of being burned at the stake, hunted down, or oppressed and mistreated will be cleared. Allow the release of any associated fears, conscious or unconscious. You no longer have to allow your fear of others’ judgments to dictate your life. Release any and all religious beliefs and indoctrination.

World Heart Chakra

Clear the energies throughout your entire being, all of your chakras, your auric field, and each level of your existence. Clear all past life karma and the belief system that you have to fight all the time and protect yourself. All of these energetic chains, cords, and attachments are falling away from you and you no longer have to carry the burden of them.

Prison Planet

Do you see this world and your body as a prison? Feel oppressed, held down, trapped, or unhappy here on earth? Life is meant to be beautiful! Allow this Sacred Activation to help you break free from the shackles of your life, real or imagined, and release any emotional and energetic attachments you may have to feelings of oppression and rebellion. We’re releasing any need to call these energies back because you’re accustomed to feeling them. Just let all of that energy go. Any need to repeat the same experiences will also be removed and cleared.

Video 3 – Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is about connecting with all aspects of you. If you are a walk-in, you can discover and connect with that now. You can have a conversation and agree on what you’d like to do, and then one can leave and the other can integrate. This is a much easier way to live life, and to connect to your higher self on a more consistent basis.

Video 4 – Q & A and Sharing About Walk-Ins

Tamra shares her experiences with walk-ins, the integration process, and what it’s like to integrate a walk-in. Some of the shifts that have taken place, the emotional purging process, and feeling oneness and at peace. Clarity, readiness to play, and living a beautiful life. Some thoughts on letting go of material belongings. Attendees share their experiences, visions, and personal journeys during today’s sessions.

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