Week 8 – Higher Self & Sacred Geometry – Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love


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We will be running many sacred geometry activations and I’ll be doing a guided meditation to connect you with your higher self.  We will strengthen that connection so you can communicate with your higher self much, much easier.

We will be doing a lot of energy work, clearing work, and activating. I’ll be doing a guided meditation that you can listen to again and again to have a conversation with your higher self.  Before you know it, you will be able to do it on your own without needing the guided meditation.


Video 1 – Introduction to Sacred Geometry & Higher Self Connection

Mt. Shasta is the base chakra of the world and it was spinning the wrong way, so numerous people in the collective are helping it to spin the right way, including Tamra. The collective is the Christ consciousness, and we are all the cells of that, and every cell affects other cells in the body, so we can each have a powerfully positive impact on the planet, just by showing up as our best selves and being able to manifest quickly and intentionally.

Over the next few weeks (after the Activation segment), you will begin to notice that you are calmer and more at peace, things flow more easily into your life, and as you integrate all of these Activations, you will feel better and better. I guarantee you’ll heal and change as quickly as you’re ready to.

Activations Included:

  • Lord Metatron Activation
  • Moses Codes
  • Avebury-Stonehenge
  • God Head Activation
  • Seed of Life
  • Christ Consciousness Awareness


Video 2 – Sacred Activations

Lord Metatron Activation

This Activation brings the Sacred Geometric codes for the tetrahedron into your DNA. This information from the 6th Plane will activate up to 18 strands of DNA and accelerate your evolution to the new, crystalline form. It will increase your awareness of and communication with the higher realms. It will also enable you to navigate Earth’s changes with greater ease and allow you to be in sync with Gaia’s evolution from a 3rd dimensional planet.

Moses Codes

Activates your Tree of Life, rejuvenates your cells, and increases your energy and mental clarity. This Activation makes it easier to focus on and manifest your dreams. Heals and rejuvenates cells, DNA, and all structures and systems in the body, physical and etheric.


The Avebury Stonehenge Activation increases your healing and intuitive abilities. It allows you to more easily communicate with your Higher Self, guides, angels, and the Creator. It also amplifies clairvoyance and clairaudience, which will make it possible for you to fully comprehend what is taking place in healings.

God Head Activation

This Activation works on and activates the following glandular centers in the brain: the pituitary, pineal, thalamus, hypothalamus, and the medulla oblongata, or God Head. The purpose of this advanced activation is to awaken your psychic abilities, and as a result you may experience:

  • Better communication with your spirit guides, higher self, angels, and Creator.
  • An easier flow in life.
  • The ability to trust yourself and your instincts.
  • Greater awareness of truth.
  • Understanding of what steps to take to lead the life you desire.
  • Freedom from fears that used to stop you from moving forward.

Each time you listen to this activation, your vibrations will rise higher.

Seed of Life

Based on Sacred Geometry, the Seed of Life allows you to identify six aspects of your life you’re focusing on. This can be things such as:

  • “I am abundant.”
  • “I am free.”
  • “I have all the energy in the world.”
  • “I have all the time I need.”
  • “I always have money.”

Focus on whatever you desire to create in your life. With the Seed of Life, your energy is focused to manifest that which you truly desire by fertilizing and planting the seeds that will lead you to the life you dream of and deserve.

Christ Consciousness Awareness

Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry. Christ Consciousness Awareness empowers you to create miracles in your life.  Additionally, this heals your heart, filling you with gratitude and releasing you from self-judgment.


Video 3 – Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is for you to connect with and talk to your Higher Self in the Akashik Records realm. Your Higher Self wants to connect and be one with you so that you’re operating from a higher perspective at all times, and life just starts to flow very easily, effortlessly, and joyfully. Truly connect into the flow of your Higher Self.


Video 4 – Q & A, Conclusion

Every time you do Sacred Activations you will experience more growth and expansion, so listen to the recordings as much as you feel called to. Attendees share their experiences with Sacred Activations and this program. You will change as fast as you’re ready to. Recommendations of Sacred Activations for certain situations; private bookings are running out! No private sessions in October. Information about practitioner training and certification.

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