Week 9 – Galactic Oversoul – Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love


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Are you ready to to really connect with your family?  Your galactic oversoul?

Do you know how many people you are really connected with?  Your oversoul has thousands of souls connected to it.  Imagine your galactic oversoul.  Can you imagine having access to all the gifts and talents of all these different aspects of you?

Throughout these 12 weeks, we are connecting you with yourself, so you can step into your full power.  Did you know you’re a pillar of light?  Your pillar of light connects with all of your oversouls.  Your higher self, your oversoul, your galactic oversoul, your universal oversoul, god.  We have to do this in stages.  If you have skipped the other ones, go back and do them, because it is preparing you for these next levels.


Video 1: Introduction

About the Oversoul and Galactic Oversoul Activations (2 for 1):

  • Could take about two weeks to integrate fully.
  • Naturally get into the flow of your life and experience amazing things, big and small.
  • Get into your state of knowing and trusting in life and the unfolding of it.
  • Open your connection to your authentic, true self (your soul).
  • Get into alignment without having to fight and effort your way through it; everything you need is taken care of for you.
  • Get excited about your life and being here on earth! It is such an honor to be here.
  • Understand the amazing, abundant world of options we live in.
  • Live life in a state of love and appreciation.
  • Activations will change a lot of your programmed, false belief systems.

Video 2: Prerequisite Activations

  • Alchemy of the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Dimensions.
  • Activate your vibrations and go into the other dimensions much easier. You’ll be able to connect with the laws of the universe, and we will be working with three laws: TimeTruth, and Abundance.
  • Flower of Life Activation.
  • This heart-healing activation reconnects the two heart chakras and activates your Flower of Life. It plugs you into the unconditional love of the 5th-dimensional grid system, filling you with gratitude and empowering you to create miracles in your life.
  • Tree of Life Activation.
  • The Tree of Life Activation ignites your Tree of Life, rejuvenates your cells, and increases your energy and mental clarity. This activation makes it easier to focus on and manifest your dreams.  Since downloading this activation, I personally look more youthful and there is a sparkle in my eyes. I have stopped taking supplements for energy because I no longer need them.
  • Avebury Stonehenge Activation.
  • The Avebury Stonehenge Activation increases your healing and intuitive abilities. It allows you to more easily communicate with your Higher Selfguidesangels, and the Creator. It also amplifies clairvoyance and clairaudience, which will make it possible for you to fully comprehend what is taking place in healings.

Video 3: Connect to Your Oversoul Activation

  • Connect to Your Oversoul.
  • Access the Akashik Records.
  • Receive Your Divine Gifts.
  • Receive and Integrate Upgraded InformationKnowledge, and Light.
  • DNA Activations & Upgrades.
  • Remaining Oversoul Integrations.

Video 4: Galactic Oversoul Activation Introduction

  • Understand that you are always provided for; the only reason we struggle is our own belief systems.
  • You will begin to flow and watch life unfold before you in a state of peaceinspiration, and joy.
  • Your vibration will expand and raise higher and higher as you integrate these activations into your being.
  • Understand your amazing gifts and how you are connected to everything in existence.
  • Love and joyfreedom from struggleHeaven on earthWorld peace through awakening.
  • You will know that everything is perfect and there is nothing to worry about.
  • We don’t “lose” time; we make it.

Video 5: Galactic Oversoul Activation

  • Connect with Mother Earth’s Heart Chakra.
  • Connect with your Galactic Oversoul through the Akashik Records.
  • Connect with All You Are and All That Is.
  • Receive Knowledge, Understanding, and Divine Gifts.
  • Activate Diamond DNA.
  • Experience a flow of knowledgeunderstandingideasinsights, and inner bliss and excitement.
  • Expansion and peaceful understanding. Integrate being in the flow of life.
  • Strengthen your connection with your galactic self.

Video 6: Conclusion and Q & A

  • The physical body & integrating Sacred Activations.
  • Give yourself time to rest and recover to integrate your new upgrades.
  • Drink lots of water!
  • Shared experiences of energy healing.
  • Walk-ins.
  • Programs we choose to run… or not.
  • Life is a technologically advanced holographic video game or like a movie where you wear all the hats of creation.
  • Yes, your knowing will unfold.
  • Shaa & more about walk-ins.
  • Music on Mars! And the magic of music on earth.
  • Spaceships & UFO’s.
  • Self-sabotage: how we stand in our own way.
  • Love yourselfBlissing out.

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