Wishes Fulfilled (with Private Sessions)

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We all have the power to fulfill and manifest our wishes. Our dreams are truly ours for the taking. With a subscription to the Wishes Fulfilled Series, you’ll connect weekly with Tamra and other like-minded healers and spiritual people in our community forums to manifest wealth and prosperity as a group. The group will share their desires, and work together manifesting their wishes with the universe. Alone we are powerful, but combined we possess infinite potential! Monthly and bulk packages also include the Seed of Life and Money Energy Paycheck System Webinar, free! 

Tamra will be doing 6 or more activations per week for clearing and manifesting 

You can cancel your subscription risk-free at any time. If you buy a monthly package, you will also receive $40 of store credit each month!



Important: This product comes with several options. Please review below before selecting.

This class will be on Wednesdays at 7 AM PST

If you buy a monthly or bulk package, you will also receive $40 of store credit each month!

IF YOU WANT THE “One Week Only” or “Monthly Options”, click here
One Week OnlyA one-time payment of $35 which grants you access to the forum for one week and the next webinar. You can re-register at any time.
Monthly$97/month, which entitles you to a weekly webinar with Tamra and continuous access to the community forums to discuss the exercise with other members of the group!

BASIC PURCHASE: One Private Session Monthly – $200/month entitles you to the group webinar as well as one private session with Tamra per month included with the wishes fulfilled training ($322 value!)

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Wishes Fulfilled Packages

12 Sessions in Three Months, Monthly, One Private Session per Month, One Week Only


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