Tamra Oviatt’s Mystery School

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Mystery School Session One:

Of course it’s not a mystery. But most people are so wrapped up in their cultural and historical beliefs that they can’t begin to see what is right in front of them.

Our Mystery School is an ongoing gathering where healers come together for education, healing and enlightenment.

Tamra will be working with healers of all modalities to take their passion, skills and understanding to a new level.

To know there is more possible is one thing

To own the possibilities and make them a reality is the students ultimate goal.

Did you know we can walk on water? We can perform miracles – all over the world. We can heal the world. We’ll look at scientific studies that showed those things we consider impossible to be commonplace.

Each month there will be suggested readings, conversations and a 6 hour training that while you won’t want to miss it, will be recorded so you’ll be able to view the session if you have had to be absent for any reason.

Additionally, all healers that are in the school will be in a forum that will allow ongoing support and encouragement as you continually transcend to the next level.

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