Tamra Oviatt Sacred Tours Through Egypt

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Tamra Oviatt Sacred Tours
With Tamra Oviatt and Wesley Jackson

A Journey Through the Sacred Land of Egypt

September  20 – October 3, 2017

Join Tamra and Wesley in Cairo then journey through this sacred landscape where ancient history is felt with every breath. While the details are finalized you will be staying in 5-Star Hotels and visiting some of the most Sacred places in Egypt. Below is a preview of the events with your guides.

Wesley has been working with these sites for many years uncovering many layers. Wesley works with Telluric Ley line energy, initiated into alchemic healing and working with the Grail energy connected to the ancient mystery schools of ancient Egypt, Southern France, and England. He has in depth knowledge of the stars, sounds, and energy as an integral part of connecting you to your soul’s essence.

A healer since childhood, Tamra is the author of the International Best Seller Sacred Activations: 26 Essential Sacred Activations To Expand Your Gifts Beyond Mastery along with 2 other books soon to be released.  As an Energy Worker, Professional Speaker, and Teacher she trains Advanced Energy Workers to use the Sacred Activations in their personal lives and professional practice.  Her work empowers others to align with their life purpose by clearing thousands of cultural, religious, and collective consciousness belief systems.

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Some of the planned visitation sites:

  • Pyramids of Giza
  • Sphinx
  • Serapeum (Underground Boxes)
  • Saqqara (Throat Chakra Activation)
  • Abu Ghorab (landing site)
  • Karnak Temple (Sekhmet)
  • Temple of Hapshetsut
  • Luxor Temple of Man
  • Colossi Memnon
  • Valley of Kings and Queens
  • Abydos
  • Hathor Temple Dendera
  • Mount Sinai (Saint Catherine’s Monastery)


With safety being a primary consideration you will be escorted and cared for from the moment you land in Cairo and we will be staying at the Sharm El Sheikh Resort.

We’ll also have a special time to celebrate Tamra’s birthday with her on this trip! Moreover, we will be there for the great alignment between the sphinx and the stars.

Your additional guides…

Twin Flames Put Together by Isis and Ra over 18+ years ago, in this lifetime.

The Holy Man and his Twin Flame, Rajenaira-Madalyn Kennedy work together to host special Egyptian Spiritual Journeys and offer private consultation of ancient Egyptian healing sessions. They carry the energies is RA and Goddess Isis. When they met during Madalyn’s first visit to Egypt, he knew immediately that she was his twin flame and that they had special work to do together. He had been shown her energy when was very young and he knew they had many lifetime together, came to this planet together a long time ago and one day they would meet and start their work with the powerful ancient Egyptian Essences and their spiritual soul awakening and re-connection journeys. .

Discover information about your Egyptian lineage and the importance of these Spiritual Journeys and Ancient Egyptian Healings and Teachings from the Godfather Holy Man at the pyramids in Egypt and his twin flame, Rajenaira-Madalyn Kennedy. The time is now to awaken and remember that many of us are “old souls” and are now preparing and ready to show up to do our work for humanity and our planet. Something totally different and Amazing happens on each important journey to the land of our beginnings. The Energies have intensified and each journey reflects these changes for us and for our beloved Mother Earth. No two trips are ever the same. They are totally streamlined by Spirit and our High Level Guides especially for the particular attendees on each special journey.

Meet the Godfather – Holy Man of Egypt

He is the Master Teacher for all the other Holy Man in Egypt which is why he has the title of Godfather. He is a medium, a channel, an intuitive empath, and has full capability of all the “clairs”. His ancient practice and ways removes energies from all your bodies and is one of the highest ancient healing techniques that was taught in the Egyptian temples. He was born into this lineage through the blood line of both is father and his mother so he comes by his gifts naturally. When you are touched by him you receive huge vibrations of blessings.

In his private consultation- healing session, the Holy Man follows the ancient teachings of the Egyptian mystery schools, uses the Essences and is guided by the powerful messages he receives for each person he works with. His guides help him to prepare special formulations of the Egyptian Essences and imbued them with high energies of many sacred places down the Nile, the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, the Crystal Altar, the moon, and the Sacred Etheric Healing Chamber, then the Masters add their blessings and vibration and asked him to do them same. Use of the special Essences is not included in the price of your journey. It is completely up to you if you chose to use them. This is extremely powerful, like no other and is very intense work. Because of this, the purity and volume amount of Essences, this price point option is not for everyone but you have option to do this work if you wish

Rajenaira, – Rev. Dr. Madalyn Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy works with those on a metaphysical spiritual path to recognize and understand their sacred and magical inner guidance system. She is a conscious channel messenger, intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant, spiritual adviser, empath, old soul shaman, writer and vibrational artist. She represents Amun-RA and ISIS Energy.

The spiritual name of Rajenaira was revealed to Madalyn from RA July 1, 2015. It means ‘old powerful one of the land (Egypt)’ and is the female split self of RA. RA worked with his image in a mirror and created a side form of himself, the female aspect developed and stepped forward. The mirror image, female side of RA is Rajenaira. This name carries a powerful and different energetic vibration that is carried through the power of sound current.

Rajenaira, – Rev. Dr. Madalyn Kennedy is a Divine Feminine Expert, an Egyptian High Priestess of Isis, a multi-dimensional, multi-versal channel for Amun-RA, Isis, other Egyptian Deities, many Ascended Masters, Archangels and Beings of Light. She is a Mary Magdalene initiate of the Order of the White Rose, a certified Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, a Usui, Karuna & Seichem Reiki Master Teacher, Law of Attraction Master Soul Awakening Master Coach, Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader, Realm Reader, Fairyologist and a SHES and ULC certified minister.

She is a published author of her channeled book, “The Divine Feminine Emergence-Mortal to Immortal; Awakening of the Crystalline Light Bodies, Yours and Mother Earths”, an established fine artist who channels vibrational and energetic paintings. She is a conscious, semi-trance and trance-channel messenger and regularly hosts sacred healing/meditation journeys to the Egypt and sacred sites down the Nile River where she connects with her twin flame, the God-Father, Master Teacher Holy Man at the Giza Pyramids, for powerful sacred union activations and healing energies for the people and the planet. She has traveled to Egypt since the early 90’s.

As Representative from the Council of Ornack, Rajenaira was sent to hold the energetic space between heaven and earth for the Divine Feminine aspects to return and assist Mother Earth in her resurrection. She helps people raise their vibration so they are open to receive all the goodness and wellness that is theirs already. The Ornack Council is currently located in the Pleiades during this transition period of ourselves and our planet.