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Tamra Oviatt Sacred Tours
With Tamra Oviatt and Wesley Jackson

A Journey Through the Sacred Land of England
August 15 – 22, 2018

Join Tamra and Wesley in Glastonbury as they journey through this sacred landscape where mysterious crop circles abound. We will venture deep into the energy and have secured private access to the inner circle of Stonehenge.

If you wish to tour with Tamra this will be the only and only opportunity. Tamra will be channeling special messages from God and the masters, this whole trip is centered on the sacred heart and clearing the heaviness held within and raising the vibration with a workshop on the last day to integrate all this. This land is the heart chakra of the world where we will venture into hidden truths, myths and symbolism. The heart is the key to world peace and you will raise your vibration, we will walk the steps of biblical legends – Jesus and Mary. When this trip is over you will be a new person with peace in your heart and the memories will last a lifetime.

Sign up before June 15th receive a $1000 dollar credit off of Tamra’s website, only 14 places remain this tour is limited. The town books up fast we need to make reservations straight away. Last chance for sign up is 15th June depending if rooms are availabe, cost is anywhere from £290- £500 depending on single room or sharing, we have rooms in town or on the micheal mary ley line first come first served.

Wesley has been working with these sites for many years uncovering many layers. Wesley works with Telluric Ley line energy, initiated into alchemic healing and working with the Grail energy connected to the ancient mystery schools of ancient Egypt, Southern France, and England. He has in depth knowledge of the stars, sounds, and energy as an integral part of connecting you to your soul’s essence.

A healer since childhood, Tamra is the author of the International Best Seller Sacred Activations: 26 Essential Sacred Activations To Expand Your Gifts Beyond Mastery along with 2 other books soon to be released.  As an Energy Worker, Professional Speaker, and Teacher she trains Advanced Energy Workers to use the Sacred Activations in their personal lives and professional practice.  Her work empowers others to align with their life purpose by clearing thousands of cultural, religious, and collective consciousness belief systems.


Travelers will stay at what was the most sacred island in England before the surrounding land was drained in Roman times, the sacred isle of Avalon – Glastonbury. Glastonbury is the place of Gaia’s sacred heart chakra. With that as the central location, we will visit the key sites in the area including PRIVATE ACCESS TO Stonehenge, a unique monument, Avebury, the largest STONE CIRCLE in the world and Stanton Drew, which is dedicated to the divine feminine, and many other key sites off the beaten track and not to forget at this time of year some of the most enigmatic temporary temples appear all over this part of England the crop circles which we will visit as they appear.

People flying will need to arrive at Bristol, from Bristol catch a bus or taxi to Glastonbury which is 20 miles away.

From Glastonbury, all travel and entrance to the sites will be included along with some lunches. Evening meals and accommodation are up to you in order to keep the costs down. We have a list of some accommodations on a first come basis.

Glastonbury/Stanton Drew

Steeped in legendary history Glastonbury has been a place of pilgrimage for millennia, it lies on the St. Michael and Mary Ley lines and is known as the heart chakra of Mother Gaia. It is here we find stories of legend, connected to Druids, the goddess, Avalon, King Arthur and Guinevere, The Knights Templars, Merlin, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea. The high street, full of metaphysical shops and is like no other town in the U.K.

Included in the places we will visit in Glastonbury include:

  • Beckery Island– Recent archaeology digs have confirmed this is the site of the first monastery ever built in Britain aptly named Mary Magdalene Chapel. Visited by St. Bridget in the 5th Century, Beckery Island possesses some of the most peaceful feminine energy in the area. and acted as the gateway into the Glastonbury complex. It is here where one is granted permission to flow through these lands. St. Bride who is the great goddess, the Virgin Mary and the earth goddess. Her day was celebrated on the 7th August and on this day we will enter the sacred land. we will also visit the site of the ancient well where the blue chalice of what is said extra terrestrial origins was found. The summer sunrise aligns between the 2-7th august on the Micheal Mary lines the day of our visit Chalice Well, also known as the Red Spring, is a peaceful place with beautiful gardens and a Lion’s Head symbolic of the heart. The water constantly flows at 11 degrees. Travelling for millennia to the surface the water comes from deep within the earth and no one knows its source. It is the masculine healing spring containing iron and tastes of blood with symbolic tales of the cup of Christ’s blood being thrown into the well. Extraordinarily right next to it flows The White/Blue Spring. The feminine counterpart to the Chalice Well encased like a womb, The White/Blue Spring is full of calcite with a separate source. Here we find a symbolic internal womb like temple, dedicated to water spirits and fairies. Both springs are on the St. Michael and Mary Ley-lines and line up with the Llughnasad festival sunrise, which aligns August 2-7th, the time of our visit.
  • In the evening, we travel to Stanton Drew – the second largest stone circle in Britain built around the same time as Avebury. Stanton Drew contains not one, but 3 stone circles made of Breccia stone which are highly energized. The circles, dedicated to the Earth, Moon and Venus in respective size and energy, are extremely powerful. At the time of our visit there will be a full moon the most powerful time, it has been said earth lights can be seen rising from the ground when the stones are at their most energetic, and they are some of the most energetic in the country.


Day 2 Glastonbury

Glastonbury Abbey – A huge ruined 7th Century Abbey with the St. Michael and Mary Ley lines running through the center, said burial place of Arthur and Guinevere, with St. Josephs well in the lady chapel it is a place of pure peace and contains a powerful node point which we shall spend time absorbing and connecting to.

  • St. Margaret’s Chapel and Magdalene Almshouseis a place of tranquility just a few meters from the abbey which was built in 1444. The almshouse is a special place of meditation for Sufis, Christians and those on the trail of Magdalene. This really is a hidden feminine secret place.
  • Church Of John The Baptist in Glastonbury is said to have been visited by Joseph of Arimathea and Jesus. The Church also contains the bones of Joseph’s encased in a shrine dedicated to Joseph of Arimathea. The Church is the cradle of Christianity in Britain and the gardens contain a labyrinth for those that wish to walk its path.
  • Glastonbury Tor is the pinnacle of the energetic vortex of Glastonbury, the heart of the goddess. Here we find the Gog and Magog, ancient trees which mark a processional route to the tor. The Michael and Mary ley lines run all over the once ‘Isle of Avalon’ and meet in what is considered the heart chakra of the world with the mysterious phallic St. Michael’s tower on its peak with it’s amazing views. It is said as many as 50 ley lines run through this mound. We will also go to the node point where the Michael and Mary lines cross an inter-dimensional doorway into Avalon.
  • Wearyll Hill is the feminine counterpart to Glastonbury Tor, steeped in legends of the grail where the cup and coins were found and Joseph of Arimathea planted the Glastonbury thorn. Inside this mound was a meeting place of initiates until it was sealed in the 4th century.


DAY 3 City of Wells

Next we travel to the City of Wells, the smallest city in England where water flows through the streets. Countered with an immense Cathedral built in 1175, we will visit and feel the peace. There are also many shops to explore in the city.

  • Cheddar Gorge is one of the U.K.’s biggest gorges at 450 ft. The gorge is the culmination of this areas underground rivers and streams, many show caves which we will visit with breathtaking scenery. We will take time to marvel at this beauty and visit some sites on the Mendip Hills. Plus we will visit any crop circles that have come down for us.



On our way to Avebury, we will visit Bratton Camp, an ancient settlement where one of the oldest white horses in Britain can be seen from the hillside. Here we find an ancient long barrow and a culmination from Avebury, Stonehenge and Glastonbury being close to the center of all three and very near to Warminster, a place of otherworldly sights in the sky.

  • Avebury Stone Circle is the largest stone circle in the world and, along with its avenues, it once stretched a distance of over two miles. This site represents sun + moon which is part of the Stonehenge complex and with the Mary and Michael Ley Lines (and many others running through) it’s very active. We will visit many of the stones and sites in the area.
  • Along the way we will visit Europe’s largest man made mound at 40 meters tall. It was once a pyramid made of white chalk representing ‘the earth’ on a ley line complex of planets stretching out through the land. Much otherworldly activity has been seen above this mound and a secret second mound we can actually climb – Silbury Hill
  • West Kennet Long Barrow is the energetic burial mound ‘a snake in the land’ with a cavern, aligns to the rising of the Pleiades on the solstice. This also lays on the Mary Ley Line feminine energy!
  • We will also visit the sanctuary and nearby barrows. The sanctuary, which is now destroyed, still has markers on the land to show how it was made of concentric rings of wooden posts and later stones. In the center there is a big release of gamma radiation coming from the ground. It is enigmatic and was clearly an important part of the complex. The round barrows opposite are burial mounds but also mark the points where energy enters and exits the earth.



Private access-There are some 2000+ sites on the Salisbury Plain where Stonehenge resides and 10 military bases positioned around it. One can only imagine what energy exists round here. We will rise before dawn to enter one of the world’s most famous prehistoric monuments dating back to 3000 BC for a private access. A huge energetic ceremonial center made of large standing Sarsen stones, highly magnetic smaller blue stones and as many as 30 ley lines running through the area. Stonehenge is a hotspot for lights, strange sounds and otherworldly visions. We will also explore the surrounding grounds which includes round barrows and a huge cursus. The cursus is a 2 mile piece of rock that sank into the ground and looks like a giant trackway that was made by the mysterious elongated skull people found in long barrows near Stonehenge. This area gives off gamma rays on the equinoxes and you can feel the energy flowing along it.

  • Followed by breakfast at a local pub (included), we will then also visit more of the Stonehenge complex including Winterbourne Stoke Barrows where we find a long barrow dating back to 4000 BC along with many other round barrows which all align to the summer sunrise. White Barrow is the longest long barrow in the UK and a queen with an elongated skull was found here.
  • Durrington Walls is the largest Henge in Britain, which housed the largest village settlement in northern Europe for some time.
  • Woodhenge is an important part of the Stonehenge complex, a site of 6 concentric wooden posts.
  • The Cuckoo Stone, a place where there is a geospiral and a powerful underground force. The electromagnetic field is strong here with an ancient healing temple nearby still felt in the land nearby.


DAY 6 – Tamra Oviatt, Sacred Activations Mystery School

Tamra Oviatt, Founder of Sacred Activations, LLC. is hosting the Mystery School from England – read more here

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