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Tamra Oviatt Sacred Tours
With Tamra Oviatt and Wesley Jackson

A Journey Through the Sacred Land of France
August 20-26, 2017

Arrive in France by August 19 and Join Tamra Oviatt of Sacred Activations and Wesley Jackson Telluric Alchemist for this seven-day tour around some of the most sacred energetic places in Southern France.

Wesley has been working with these sites for many years uncovering many layers. Wesley works with Telluric Ley line energy, initiated into alchemic healing and working with the Grail energy connected to the ancient mystery schools of ancient Egypt, Southern France, and England. He has in depth knowledge of the stars, sounds, and energy as an integral part of connecting you to your soul’s essence.

A healer since childhood, Tamra is the author of the International Best Seller Sacred Activations: 26 Essential Sacred Activations To Expand Your Gifts Beyond Mastery along with 2 other books soon to be released.  As an Energy Worker, Professional Speaker, and Teacher she trains Advanced Energy Workers to use the Sacred Activations in their personal lives and professional practice.  Her work empowers others to align with their life purpose by clearing thousands of cultural, religious, and collective consciousness belief systems.

Like the tour in England the price of the tours covers the school, entrance and travel to all sites and some lunches but not evening meals. We will be staying at Domaine De L’espinet.

The closest airport is Carcassonne (33 miles). You can take a taxi to the resort or travel by train to Quillan where we will pick you up. Other airports include Perignon airport (42 miles) and you will need to take a taxi or Toulouse Blagnac International Airport (85 miles) then travel by train to Quillan where we will pick you up.

France is steeped in mystery. The Languedoc region of Southern France abounds with legends of the cup and coins found by Berenger Sauniere, the Knights Templars, Cathars, and the prophet Nostradamus. The inspiration behind the Da Vinci Code, The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail and our main interest Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus) along with numerous unexplained otherworldly activities the Languedoc region is an area to be explored by initiates into deeper mysteries. We will spend six days in this amazingly energetic land, which is symbolic of Gaia’s womb, and visit many of the sacred places and significant landmarks on our quest to energetically shift. Over the next 5 days these are some of the places we will visit
Rennes Le Chateau, known as a holy place in a holy region is an ancient Lemurian and Atlantean outpost. Dating back 46,000 years, a temple to the mother goddess Isis resides beneath this magnificent structure. Once an ancient Celtic capitol with dragon lines flowing through, it is now the home for a church dedicated to Mary Magdalene containing many mysteries. The tour Magdala you’ll have a view from the platform that gives breathtaking sight. It sits on the mountain side symbolic of an egg on the womb wall of this feminine landscape.

Rennes Les Bains the center area of the landscape womb we will go to the exact place where energetic codes were stored 2000 years ago on a powerful ley line by Yeshua and Mary and have now been released to help shift consciousness into birthing Christed ones. The waters here are healing, the hot spring known for its healing powers containing calcium sulfate of arthritis and skin conditions like psoriasis

Alet Les Bains, Alet meaning ‘chosen place’ here we find the Basilique Notre Dame De Marceille, a ruined abbey with great energy, St Salvayre church which is a Venus temple. We will also visit the place where nostradamus lived nearby to a portal.

Arques the Cathars Castle, symbolic of a penis positioned on a summer solstice line connecting to Rennes Le Chateau, at the edge the womb an area of land representing mother earths Vagina, we will also enter a cave nearby named Magdalene.

Champagne Le Bains a spring in the womb of the mother goddess dedicated to ISIS this is a beautiful spring that pours in a V shape

Gorge De Galamus a chapel built where Mary Magdalene taught, the place is radiant with energy and a spring rises from the altar. Breathtaking views of thew gorge along one of Frances most eye popping roads

Mount Bugarac an upside down mountain, a holy mountain, the third most magnetic place on the planet, a twelfth dimensional doorway where many UFO’s have been spotted. Legend says The Ark of the Covenant has been taken inside where tunnels lead into the depths of the earth, the inspiration behind Jules Verne’s Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. Nearby is an old roman bridge with a waterfall on the Blanque river and cascades de matheuix a large waterfall with beautiful pool

Le Caune a distant cave where it is said Magdalene did initiation ceremonies rich in minerals with a phallus stalagmite and yoni style entrance it was a place of rite between man and woman.

Ussat Caves the cathar initiation caves where Magdalene went in hiding, here there are at least three caves where telluric currents of earths energy meet cosmic. L’eglise is a place we leave materialism behind, L’hermite cave is where this darkened tunnel connects to each of the chakras and inaudible sounds can be experienced. The Bethlehem cave where one purifies and can feel the holy spirit contains a pentagram where the telluric current emanate from.

Perthus Pyramid where we will take a trip to this mysterious ancient pyramid that was fashioned in the 70’s to look modern when the road which leads to Spain was dug.

Lourdes – spend a day in Lourdes visiting the breathtaking catholic cathedral of our Lady of Lourdes. There is a small cave here where the Virgin Mary was seen and healing water pours constantly. We will watch the parade in the evening where a candle lit vigil with an effigy of Virgin Mary is carried amongst a sea of hundreds of pilgrims – it is a sight that you will remember for some time.

We will also be visiting a highly energetic space said to be a landing point with the possibility of entering some magdalene caves.

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