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Christie October 6, 2016

i have tried chakra healing and love or above..and also tried chan meditations..((chan Reiki i believe is a good form of meditation..) i have tried mind valley meditation tools ..etc… all are good and positive..but……… the only person, technique,type of help that has actually made me feel physical affects..has been Tamra and her activations. i had not known there are 2 heart chakras.I took a test..which revealed my heart chakra to be closed or weak..same as all others..except for my throat chakra which is wide open..i always felt my heart chakra is open..i take care of 24 children each day..and i love them all..i can feel love and can not wait to meet my ‘one’..as i feel i am going to explode carrying all this love for him my entire life..i have yet to have a warm loving relationship..including with parents..but i can feel love and want to share it with someone…personally that would mean more than anything else could in my life. I was shocked to find my heart chakras closed..then i did an activation with Tamra..and omg..my chest was POUNDING for the first time during any kind of help i have tried..and Tamra said we were going to connect BOTH of our heart chakras.. ! i knew i could feel one strongly..i did not know there were 2..and i never felt it before..in my life..that explained a ‘closed’ test result..and ever since that activation,..a guy i am attracted to in town who always used to wave..has been crossing paths with me each day and waving again..WOW.. eye opening. which brings me to my third eye and crown chakras..Tamras activations had the bridge of my nose feeling pressure, then start running..(its been broken 4 times and shattered) and my ears crackling.. and yawning .i also had a closed sacral chakra.. which i tried desperatley to feel behind my navel..laying on my stomache with fist pushing in and felt 0. After or during Tamras activations it was pounding so strongly i could see it..and 2 weeks later, i just press on my navel and can still feel it easily.. this woman is awesome!!!! I have a strong mind..strong will..and good reasons to have closed my chakras in the past..to save myself.. but now i need to move forward and fighting my own strong willed closings has been a challenge..like i closed them and threw away the keys.Tamra is quickly becoming..my own key master! This is my life being unlocked…


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