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P.N. October 6, 2016

The Mary Magdalena webinar was sublime. From the beginning I felt the need to have a notebook in front of me and when Tamra started talking I started drawing Magdalena’s name in my notebook. I thought I was going to be taking notes but instead what happened was that I tried to capture the essence of what was coming through in a drawing or a seal or something. What we worked on clearing was so major, and it was reclaiming our femininity on all levels, taking back the keys to our hearts and leaving it at the Central Sun’s heart Chakra and going in the Akashic to travel to the fairy kingdom to open up a portal to mother earth and reclaiming our gifts.
I am very tuned in now to how I can integrate my femininity and power and be able to walk this earth giving and receiving love, because that’s what we’re here to do. I know that that’s what I’m suppose to do. MM’s words reinforced this for me.