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Silvia Edith October 6, 2016

I’ve been using SA for almost a year and all I can say is … TRY them! For those who have financial problems/debt, please do "Debtor Prison" I ran this activation twice a day for a couple of months … At some point, I felt like Spider man, crawling over the walls like nuts, but then, I started feeling better, more calm and I finished paying my debt. Most importantly, I don’t have the "need" of being in debt anymore. We all know that it is our belief system … So go ahead, be determined to work in the areas of you really desire to see change and you’ll have it with SA!
Thank you Tamra for helping us. I love when you talk about your experiences because it relate to all f us. You are not like other healers that sound they have the perfect life and it’s only to sell their "products."
All my love <3 <3