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Erika L Soul October 6, 2016

This morning on the train into the city after having had a difficult time yesterday and another day today to deal with I listened to the Sacred Activations 31 product recording :
Illuminations Super DNA
Christ Consciousness Awareness
Fruit of Life
The God Codes
The Original Light Language
Crystal Activation
Moses Code

When I got out my Sansa mp3 player I wondered what I could listen to that would really be good for me for what was up for me and my day ahead and then I just clicked on this Sacred Activations 31 not knowing which one it was and I did it like something else was guiding my hand !! And when I got my ebook reader out to read the ebook pdf on each of the Activations I could see how each one was so perfect for me right then and I so appreciated receiving these Activations again !!! Divinely ordained !!! So much has come up with doing these Activations each week for clearing, very powerful activations…. As I sat there receiving each one on the trip in I looked at the train carriage full of people wondering if my doing this was affecting their energy !! The last Activation finnished just as the train came into my station !! Well I sure know they do have quite an effect …thankyou . I had a huge day of things to deal with and then I listened to the Busting Loose from the Money Game event replay today and the Clearing you did on something or someone you gave your power away to was so divinely arranged for me as I had a situation today that was perfect for this clearing and I could see that the class being yesterday for this Busting Loose and my listening to it after my afternoon was all connected and I was very grateful to do this clearing on it and receive it thankyou … So I got to writing this testimonial piece after such a day as the issues get brought up with these Sacred Activations so brilliantly, sometimes with some drama and upset which I managed to get through clearing madly on them !!!

Regarding the testimonial re the Power vs Force David Hawkins Map of Consciousness Levels you were tested for with your work. I hadn’t seen this testimonial and I had done my own dowsing to check the levels too using this Map and I got similar figures, so when I saw this persons testimonial it verified my own findings !! Someone I have email contact with who is into Dowsing and SRC4U etc emailed me asking me to check you out Tamra and your Activations as he was thinking of doing them and wanted a dowser like me to check out your work so that is how I got onto your Sacred Activations !! I gave him my findings of very high levels for the energy of your work etc etc however he didn’t go ahead with the webinar and to check you out I got the ebook pdf read it , went over your website and watched the videos and then found the free 3 Sacred activations recording and went great I can experience these first for free …And then I signed up for the Sacred Activations and being a theta healer myself I could assess what you were doing and saying and knew and understood your information easily !! Glad I came across you and I am looking forward to these Activations integrating fully for me in time. I even check out what percent they have already integrated and how long they will take !!!

thankyou from one Theta Healing practitioner to another