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Linda October 6, 2016

For me the Sacred Sex Activation, was very different from the Creative Gene Activation. As you were doing the Sacred Sex activation, I saw and felt this huge Lilly flower, stem and all growing up out of my body coming from my heart and reaching towards my head. It was white, vibrant, very much alive and beautiful. I asked what it was about and was briefly shown Easter and Christ. I stored it away for the last 90 minutes and then looked it up / specific the Lilly I saw growing out of my chest, and here’s what I found:“Stargazer” lilies, like lilies in general, can represent purity and prosperity. The Stargazer lily has become varied in its symbolism, but its origins are rooted in spirituality.
Interesting isn’t it, since we were just working on prosperity:) Also as a side note. Minutes after we got off the webinar, my physical heart started having shooting electrical pains ( like electricity going down a wire. I knew I was fine and wondering what got stirred up. Moments later, as I was driving a memory from JR days and a past boyfriend ( my feeling humiliated,) came up. I just took a note and when I got home pulled it. Its all so AWESOME.The Creative Gene activation went right along with something that became clear to me since these last activations, “that I still had more work to do behind the scenes”. Now I see that is over and I will be out and about , not hidden behind the scenes “working on myself”. All cool stuff!When your ready to teach these so I can do them too for people, I am interested:) Love and Blessings, THANK YOU