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Thea Jensen October 6, 2016

The Sacred Activations are really effective in clearing out Very deep belief-systems.
A few days ago- just one day after having The Mother Earth Activation done I was taking my dog on a walk and sort of out of the blue tears just came to my eyes and I felt this devastating feeling of no kind of love I ever send out would be returned. Since I am a Certified ThetaHealer this was something I could handle and the beliefs connected with it was easily changed. Me changing these beliefs sort of made room for something even bigger to emerge; I literally felt like I was the destroyer of worlds (any worlds – but especially our own earth Gaia) All I could cme up with to replace that belief was that I was the keeper of worlds.. I just new that this particular belief was not the right one but it would had to do until I got home to get a bit more assistance on the matter.

A good friend of mine – whom is also a healer – helped me to see that what I was, was not destroyer of worlds but instead creator of worlds. It came to me while I was connected to see the dust-particles after an explosion… out of the dust came a seed and the seed began to sprout and new life had begun.At almost the same time I had been writing to Tamra and told/ explained to her what had happened and she new like in an instant that it was connected to the work we had done around The Mother Earth activation since we had freed me from my obligation to take on some of Mother Earths problems; this freeing apparently brought up some even deeper beliefs about me being co-responsible for the destruction of Earth if and when it would happen since I no longer took on my part.
So .. this was of-course changed to and getting Creators truth about all of it tooI bet that I am now able to live my life more than ever before without being afraid on some level that whatever I touch will be destroyed at some point.So glad to now be co-creator of worlds instead of destroyer of them
And that is just form one of the activations
With love and light ♥