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Romana Črček October 6, 2016

I have done so far all of the activations, most of them more then 10 times. I just love the activations because I see how much they shifted me. I am more calm, I see the truth around me, I easily stand up for myself and set boundaries, I even recognize when someone is trying to manipulate me (I could never see that before),… I also see a huge progress on my financial area and business. I attract more abundance into my life without having to work more. I actually work less 🙂

But when I booked the session with Tamra and she did Polar opposite activation on me, I felt the neuro pathways being erased and feeling new ones being created. I must say I have never felt so much shift in one day. It was an amazing experience and I still see the effect of this activation. I would recommend everybody to take all of the activations because they will totally tranform your life. In a good way…

Thank you Tamra for all the work you are doing, for spreading the light and love all over the globe and for being such an amazing teacher.

With love and gratitude,