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Fabiola October 6, 2016

Hi Tamra, the first time I got the first set of activations, I became very compasionate and very connected with people, my manifestations became much stronger, one day I decided to change one of my passwords to Lobster, and that same night out of the blue a friend calls, invites me to Santa Barbara to stay at a friends house, when we got there, guess what they had made for dinner LOBSTER of all things!!! That same night I started to notice I could feel the vibrations of the starry sky and the crickets, really trippy but awesome. That was not all, my body started to feeel much better and some annoying little pain that I had on my left arm and leg disappeared. My attitude in general became much more positive than before, and because of that I started to make more money on tips ( I am a bartender). I am really excited about this activations and cant wait to see the changes from these last sets. So far I can tell you that I feel lighter than before, Thank you so much Tamra for doing this for me. Much Love …..