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Roshell K. LeVA (shae) L.A.c October 6, 2016

“I am a Thetahealer Practitioner and a Acupuncturist. I have learned and taught many different variations of energy work at The American Institute of Natural Healing.I work full time as an Ac
upuncturist in the chronic pain department at Kaiser Permanente in California USA.
“I know you can test the frequency of consciousness (even including truth). (Levels of Consciousness can be mapped between 1 – 1,000). So, I used David R. Hawkins Frequent Resonator Chart and found that, levels of consciousness resonate at a level between 1-1,000, most people’s consciousness resonates between 300-400.
“However, the Activations that you receive by Tamra RESONATE between 500-1,000, MOST ABOVE 900, which are HIGHER THAN MOST MASTERS CALIBRATED at in recorded planetary history.
“These activation’s bring the pure unadulterated truths back to us directly through the Heart.
“Thank you, Tamra, for being the pure Heart to receive these Activations and make it possible for the rest of us to experience them through you.”