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R Ryan October 6, 2016

” After the first set of downloads I noticed a great difference. I feel at peace with myself even when at work. I have a job in the police where I am mostly dealing with confrontation. When unexpected situations happen I feel now able to deal with them without panicking or feeling anxious. I’ve noticed that I’ve developed a better work/play balance in my life and feel fully in my body.
My friend who lives practically next door to the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland could see that I had received The Rosslyn download.
It’s been about three week since I received the second set of downloads and I’ve found even greater grace and ease, noticing the angels etc help me more and becoming aware when negative thoughts come into my mind so they can be looked at and sent to the light.
After receiving the third set of downloads that include, the God Code, Light Language and Illumination I have been receiving very vivid dreams and most of them have had a very interesting meaning or reason for being there. The Heaven on Earth which is one of the fourth set of activations has allowed me to feel lighter and I have noticed this has had a great affect on the people around me. The Creators truth activation has been monumental in keeping me in my power, one example would be when I am around my colleagues gossiping, I able to be around them without feeling I need to walk out of the room or agree with them just to fit in. I love the Life’s grid activation as I feel protected from all kinds of harmful pollutants etc.
The fifth set of activations which include:- Planetary Alignment, Starseed and Galatic Federation Activation are awesome and while I’ve been meditating, I’ve been finding myself drift off somewhere and when I awake it feels like I am descending into my body. I’m so looking forward to the next activation.