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Rochelle October 6, 2016

On Wednesday I began to feel the effects of a flu virus that seems to have affected a lot of people around me. Thanks to the DNA download however, instead of waking up sick the next day as I would have expected I seem to have woken up perfectly fine. The sum total of that flu appears to have been no more than a few sneezes.There is a lot more peace within my family and I’m forgiving them for their usual habits within a very quickly now. It seems a lot easier for me to feel kindness towards them and other people. This I’m assuming is thanks to the Christ Consciousness download. I’ve also felt a change in my thinking, I think as a result of the Fruit of Life download. I had been having thoughts which weren’t quite the best to have when it comes to bringing abundance into my life. They now seem a lot more apparent to me, as well as my attitude toward my goals. Thank you Tamra for doing this work with me.