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Sopheriel Koah October 6, 2016

I just wanted to give my own testimonial. I was looking to learnTheta and I ran across Tamra Oviatt. I am a single mom of three and the fathers do not help so my funds are held tight. I wanted to invest in my spiritual tool box because I felt called to teach others. I have my own issues and I have been working with energy for about 7 years. Anyway Tamra was warm and HUMAN and by definition this is rare… especially in the spiritual world of egos normally where you deal with the representatives of folks and their masks spiritual people send thie higher selves from the 77th dimension of the 3rd Heaven to talk to you when they are teaching if you know what I mean.

She gave me a payment plan with a down payment that I had in my pocket.

She just resonated with me. I did some activation’s and I never have the AHAAA!! moments like most but I instantly quit a behavior that had to do with mother hood and began planning my work.

Now to the class!!

Our world is a grand illusion of mans missions… The majority who are creating the illusion and getting us to cosign are marketing superstars and advertising moguls. Tamra is none of that, she is just good people. There was no fancy book, outline and disclaimers. There was no mission statement and cliche terms. or philosophies. It was the history, what it does, jokes and love the BAM here it is.

And it is awesome!

So, your used to 50 symbols, organized chants, poses and focused meditations. Nope its like power on BAM.

First class demonstration asked to clear my biggest problem that just came to me “I did not feel worthy to feel Gods energy, I did not feel worthy to feels Gods miracles of instant healing” Not anymore, swish gone.

How do I know because when it was my turn to switch with my classmate I experienced the energy, the love the emotion so deeply I cried and laughed for 30 minutes and could not speak other than oh God and Jesus. I have not been to a Christian church in years and I am not what you’d call religious. I am my temple. I felt Gods energy. I have been working with Reiki, Karuna, Theta, Rays you name it and a side from a warm buzz, a twitch and the occasional swirling colors I have got nothing to brag about. Im not even going to go into what was coming out of my root chakra during the next exercise but it was powerful.

This is the truth! Simple like turning on the lights viola!!!

Thanks Tamra