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A Happy Client October 6, 2016

In the two days since receiving the first set of Tamra’s downloads, I’ve experienced three remarkable changes. Lately I’ve been working with Michael, Gabriel and Kathumi. In the past they had always visually appeared to me in fragments; I received brief glimpses that would quickly fade. Since yesterday I’ve found that I can call on them and have them appear in a stable full-form images, so that the whole experience has greater continuity and depth. Secondly, in the last day, while working with various psychic abilities, I’ve discovered the ability to hold myself open to receive a flow of information, rather than catching pieces and fragments requiring reassembly. I think that these two things are related–both having to do with finding a platform or referential plane to base my awareness when working in these realms. The third change I’ve noticed has to do with sleeping. I’ve always had difficulty remembering dreams, usually just recollecting the final pieces of a dream before waking. This morning I found that I was able to work back from the final scene and remember the dream from the beginning. Totally cool. You rock!