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A Webinar October 6, 2016

As a result of these downloads I’ve noticed a fundamental change in my outlook on life. At first I described the feeling as ‘stodgy’ as a lot of resentments, old hurts, limiting thoughts/beliefs and stagnant energy came to the surface. As of releasing as much of that as I can so far, I’ve found that the feeling a strength and calm becomes clearer and clearer. I’ve been seeing some of the overall patterns in my life (and links to other existences). My connection with higher guidance has also improved. There were things that had caused me fear and hurt that are now seeming obsolete to me, I can already see them passing and they seem quite trivial. My stress levels have lowered and my back pain is gone… I’m also much more tolerant of other people. I feel like I’ve moved, like a train, out of the bush and onto the tracks where the path is more defined.