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Ashlei October 6, 2016

My name is Ashlie, I had swollen lymphnodes and parotid gland. My doctor panicked at it being there for multiple days that large and sent me for emergency double biopsy , he & the man doing biopsy suspected lymphoma. I called Tamra in a scared panic and she worked on me to clear all of it, she also worked on the swelling going down and told me it would before I went back in also told me it was just an infection….the swelling went down that night & I got a fever . My doctor was still in a panic thinking it was lymphoma up until I got there and showed him swelling gone & high grade fever then the blood results came in and ruled it as infection my doctor was shocked as he prepared himself to give me the you have cancer speech, thank goodness for Tamra she is an amazing angel! It is just an infection & got put on antibiotics!Thank you so much for everything you have been put here to do Tamra you are amazing and have helped me beyond words, you were so accurate and everything you cleared from me took so much off my shoulders & heart! Much love