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Viviana Duncan October 6, 2016

I would like to give a personal testimonial of Tamra Oviatt and her Sacred Activations. It is true it has changed my life and they are very powerful, however- I can not tell you the difference in both webinars/hangouts versus the private sessions. They to me are incredible. The one on one interaction where you are able to discuss your own personal issues and struggles compared to having others listening or perhaps possible distractions or just the fact that the sessions are costum made to what Spirit sees fit, or what you may need to conquer. I have had the opportunity to have several personal sessions with Tamra and in comparison the healing has been awe inspiring. I think in my opinion even more powerful and the shifting seemed easier and more graceful. My private clients have seen such a dramatic change in not only my appearance, my vocabulary, my radiation and my inner light. My reading space, is off the charts. I had 7 clients in one day at a local store I read at and literally had every single person in tears of pure emotion and just because of the love and light I was channeling. I love the hang outs, but the one on ones…. Hands down…. LIFE CHANGING!!!!! Do yourself a favor, book a session or a block of sessions as I have and will continue to do. Because you’d be amazed at how many veils become lifted and how much more effortless life becomes. The work she does has changed me so much, but I know there’s more work to be done. Thank you Tamra. I LOVE and HONOR YOU!