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Erika L Deutscher October 6, 2016

On a recent Hang Out within an hour of it I was feeling triggered by a phone call with a family member and some family stuff that had been around for a long time i.e. since childhood and maybe even past lives, and hadn’t fully been resolved in me yet. Then I remembered the Sacred Activation session I had been on just before and I was listening to it on headphones while doing things and hadn’t really focused on it alot. So out of curiosity I went and put it on again and then I remembered it was a inner child healing one going back to childhood issues one and Tamra said in the next few days this could bring up some old stuff to clear, so I had heard it but not sat down and really paid attention. When I listened to this I saw how perfectly it fit what had come up in me strongly and with alot of emotion even though I had not fully tuned into it or so I thought. It still took a bit to clear and I used the Webinar to focus on clearing what had come up for me. This experience showed me how things really are occurring directly from these activations and Energy work .. Thank you Tamra , this is the story I mentioned in my group