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Ankit Malhotra October 6, 2016

I took 24 Sacred Activations over private sessions and she keeps on clearing the blocks as she moves on and knows when is the time to give which activation.Her Sacred Activations and private sessions put me off from Bi-Polar Medications and this was a miracle as explained to me by my doctor.The Activations has brought about a harmony in me and my relations with family and has changed my thinking,has brought so much positivity to my thinking that my whole life has changed.The way I took life 4 months back is very much different which I take it today.Its all Tamra’s work that is reflected in me and I on my behalf encourage everyone that this is the one stop where you can get your life changed.I am so much impressed by Tamra’s work that now I have taken her Certified Sacred Activations Practitioner course so that I can help other people,as a gratitude for all that I received from Tamra.Thankyou Tamra from the bottom of my heart,you are such an amazing person and that’s why I think Creator chose you to channel all these activations on people who require it and spread Love and Peace in the World and create a brand new Consciousness for ever and ever.Tamra your work is great and I can say this over and over and over again.Anyone can contact me for any query,but rest assured with Tamra you are safe and her work is pure and you will yourself find it fulfilling.With Regards