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Anna October 6, 2016

Tamra asked me over at Facebook to write a testimonial on how I have been so transformed by the Sacred Activations. She also gave permission to add in my SA practitioner’s name at the bottom (I asked her too). Here’s my testimonial:

Tamra’s work–the work of the creator of all that is–is the deepest, most life-transforming modality I have come across–and I’ve done many modalities.

You see, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 17. I’d become completely withdrawn from life, had to quit school and spend time in a psychiatric ward. I was on quite a few medications.

As the years went on (I’m now 28), I became no better, so I started looking into Spirituality. I knew I’d always carried a heavy responsibility for my family, and I actually felt it was my personal job to “suck the pain of the world” into me. In a misguided way, I was trying to heal the world alone.

It was hard to understand at first, but I realized that when I went into certain places, I would come out feeling terrible–terribly drained– and different healers would tell me I was picking up “entities”–passed on by spirits that need help–as they haven’t gone to the light (as yet).

I spent a lot of money each week as I had to ask a healer to clear all the entities i was picking up in my bid to save the world (and not feeling so alone).

But with Tamra’s work, I was really able to start for the first time to look at the underlying reasons that I was taking on everyone else’s energy–and making myself so sick in the process.

The Collective Wound Release Activation was massive for me; this disconnects you from carrying the weight of the world. Also of value was the Universal Life Grid, to seal you off and protect you. And most recently, Demon Free World Activation.

Also, I found the earlier Heaven On Earth and Creator’s Truth helped wonderfully to disconnect from the responsibility to carry everyone else–including your family’s and ancestors’–pain.

I worked closely with my Sacred Activations Master practitioner, as well as working by myself. I would recommend working with a practitioner or Tamra for the entity stuff (at least); that was just my experience.

Also, one last thing: I found Newton’s Law Disconnection wonderful, because it teaches you in a matter of minutes what all the spiritual books are trying to teach you–that you are spirit, first and foremost, and that you are light, and you don’t have to be so afraid.

Thank you Tamra! And thank you Creator! You’ve both done good!

(I’m off nearly all meds now too–I’m getting there!)

P.S. I have asked permission to say who my wonderful SA practitioner is. Her name is Finn Goddard, who does Skype sessions. She is amazing. She does a lot of “belief work” during the Sacred Activations, which helps so much, as she knows what’s going on deep down within you, when it’s hard to figure it out yourself. I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done this / gotten so far, without her.

This is the address of her website:

Good luck!