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Kyah Renee October 6, 2016

Tamra, thank you. After receiving the Christ Consciousness, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalena, Mother Earth and Sacred Heart, I am now living in my heart. As I write this, I feel my heart animating these words. When interacting with others, I would often feel anxious or insecure. Now, living within the heart, I increasingly connect to their heart as I speak or interact. And from that I feel safe, peaceful, secure, connected. In bliss. Beyond words.

I then proceeded to receive your extremely generous amount of free activations on YouTube. The day after completing this material, I received an unexpected tuition refund check for $8,000 from a corporation called The Higher One. I had a good laugh about The Higher One business. Obviously, Divinity likes to have fun.

Thank you for opening up the energy for me to be able to receive this and more. Thank you for being the glorious conduit of these activations. Increasingly so, I feel in my body the powerful radiant stream of the love-life force circulating and pouring forth.

With overflowing gratitude and love,
Kyah Renee