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Karen Stock October 6, 2016

I’ve been using 17 activation every day for one month now. I receive at least one insight into issues that I’m working on per day. I have never managed that with anything else. There has been a lot of observing and learning. I can observe the energies very well. If something is not moving, I have to work with several activation and for all of the sudden a deeper insight appears. I normally need to take a break and contemplate about it. After a while I can start working on removing the old energies so that what was hidden below can come to the surface which is always much lighter and colorful, sometimes there are very clear images of good old memories that had been long forgotten. The brain always seems brighter then. There is a constant increase in feeling more and more peaceful which is very pleasant and that makes me automatically grateful. I switch on the activations for the night ( set them to a volume so that I can hardly hear the voices but clearly feel the energy) they give me a much more peaceful night with better sleep. Sometimes I have to get up after an activation and shake myself and move my arms around. Then there is always a release of chest and shoulder muscles which feels expansive. When unpleasant feelings, emotions and body sensations come up they never stay around long. They are much softer and milder than with other energy work. I sometimes get terrible itch attacks. That always means irritation about the issue that I’m working on. I have to take irritation through an activation and the itch goes away. Since everything is working so much faster and with very little distress, it makes me want to do more so that I can free myself of more. There is far less resistance to work on things since everything moves so much faster in a much more gentle way. I have noticed that people do respond to me differently with an increase in friendliness and helpfulness. I walk around with more confidence, less stress, less tension and more peace. I am looking forward what the 2nd month will do since I am looking forward to work with the activations. With a lot of other programs I have gotten discouraged and they are not that much fun after a while since the results are so few and far in between. With the work over one month, I did not get bored. It constantly keeps my interest since there is always something going on. Thanks a lot for making these energies available.