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Laurie Spencer October 6, 2016

Tamra, I got your package from YOU WEALTH, on Darius’ show. I immediately loved the brain balancing and being extraordinary (never dreaming that this would be about me hiding, which I have been doing in so many ways, kind of unaware, but mostly just not nailing that was what I was doing) for the last few weeks I have been listening to the activations I felt drawn to and have felt more grounded and my life has started changing with new opportunities. Then WOW today I was relaxing and cruising through the selection of activations, and listened to the one I thought I didn’t need as much (ha to our sneaky ego resistance) Heavy Metals (never dreaming that would be tied into victimization) WHOA! I was felt lighter andhappy and went off walking the dog when I heard myself (yes, my life is like that) singing “Zippeedeedodah,(sp?) myn oh my what a wonderful day” Where did that come from? Not my style.
The freedom and release of this singular activation, or whichever combo I did today, has me feeling like a teenager with all hopes and enthusiasm high. This is hugely significant for the world. Thank you Tamra.