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Marcy October 6, 2016

For several decades, I tried, experienced quite a lot of spiritual/healing modalities, but none , none at all, can compare or even come close to Sacred Activations. Spirit/God is the one who actually "does the work" during the activations. No wonder it works! No wonder it is fun and easy ! No wonder it is fast acting! Well, yes again, , because God is doing it for you! And. it can work through this life, your past lives and future lives and genetics of relatives including children. I never heard of that before either. Good hearted Tamra was chosen to give the Sacred Activations, and that is easy to understand if you have ever spoken to her. She is so very approachable and unpretentious, yet, it is because of her, these are available. I very and sincerely highly recommend Sacred Activations to anyone and everyone.