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Christina October 6, 2016

I have been praying for personal transformation for years. There was so much that I wanted to change in the way I felt and thought; but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to shift very much. I have practiced other energy healing modalities, and each did help in some way, but nothing has worked as quickly and effectively as Sacred Activations.

These activations are such a gift, and I feel incredibly blessed to have them! In the few months I have been listening to them, I have experienced many changes in my perspective and emotions. All the burdens, fears, anxieties, etc., that have been weighing me down in life and robbing me of happiness are just disintegrating. More and more, I am finding myself detached from the negativity and distress, and experiencing lightness and joy instead. There have been several times lately when I realize I am completely calm, peaceful, and happy inside. I don’t ever remember feeling this way before. Achieving equanimity felt like a futile struggle. Now I am actually getting there. It’s amazing! I know there are many, many more changes to come, and am really excited for that.

Sacred Activations are the work of energetic alchemy. They are extraordinary, magical, and miraculous! Thank you so much, Tamra, for bringing them through. Being able to achieve self-mastery is priceless.