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Gloria Hodgson October 6, 2016

Hi Tamra, and the sacred activations gang. I want to give a Big Shout out about these Monthly Member Webinar Activations. They Are truly sooo Divinely Timed … If, we utilise them lol.. Due to computer problems I wasn’t able to download the sleep activation to my mobile for nightly use. So, I endured the worst debilitating month EVER, it affected every aspect of my life – due to not being able to sleep properly for the Whole Month. Having only listened twice to the sleep activation I realise now had I listened every night. I would probably NOT had the enormous issues due to lack of sleep. And then, my friend came over and said what exactly is the problem? why ARENT you sleeping? and I told her I am so overwhelmed at home with my home maintenance, and the fact I have soo many scattered activities, that its affecting my sleep. The next day … I discovered this was the topic of our monthly membership webinar. Clutter and Scattered Energies and how to Develop a Laser Focus. : )
Even the Scary Relationships was divinely timed for my needs .. that one was a Heavy Weight Marathon of energies. I don’t know how you got through it Tamra, I had to do it over 3 days it was too hefty for me. Simply Amazing and Incredible Life Changing Work … Thank You Soo Much Tamra I LOOOVE You for helping to mold and reshape me into someone I really like. I just Love how my life continually supports me and shows me that support through incredible friendships with amazing generous and loving people and the angelic support that ALWAYS provides me with divinely timed messages, activations and infusions.