“Hi Tamra & Everyone,
I have recently become a Certified Sacred Activations Practitioner and I wanted to share with you one of my experiences with this work. Working with my daughter`s seizure the other day, even after the seizure she sometimes has continuing dizziness and headaches and I do healings on her and it takes sometimes 10 mins sometimes more than an hour for her to fully recover.This time I felt an urge to do activations on her and soon afterward she was feeling well. I am so thankful for this work and to Tamra Oviatt for introducing it to me.It is fast, effective and does wonders.I believe there is yet to experience more miracle healings with diseases which we once would have thought incurable through Sacred Activations. I would recommend everyone to be activated or even better become a practitioner. Your life is bound to change in the most amazing ways…”

Hümeyra Gürel Tumay

Sacred Activations Practitioner

“On May 22 I asked my guides to send me a way to completely heal and breakthrough so my Divine Blueprint could fully be activated…I opened my browser and without clicking anything Tamra’s Sacred Activations website loaded…and Vincent’s video testimonial was playing…it was magical…that was on a Wednesday… she was giving Raising the Feminine Energy Class…as she did each activation I could actually feel the changes happening within me…I began to feel better immediately… all symptoms of all the ailments I have had for years have receded over the last month …one by one as if being erased in the most pleasant of ways…in the Love and Light of Grace…that what comes through…Grace…I have now been doing the Activations with Tamra for one month…on her weekly Hangouts…my clients have mentioned that it seems that my sessions have gotten stronger and my reading have more clarity than ever before… as for my health…never better…Tamra is the Healer’s Healer…With Much Love and in Great Respect…Blessings”

Stephanie Elaine Golden-Falcon

Proprietor of Hèron Bleu Alchemy Shoppe

“I tuned into a webinar a few years ago and Tamra was a guest on the show. She started talking about Sacred Activations, and her journey. I listened and got very excited as I could feel the energy around her, and the subject. She was very gracious, and shared her activations with us, the audience. I totally felt the energy coming through from the activations. I knew intuitively that these would help me. Well, I was not disappointed. Slowly I started releasing more and more false beliefs, judgments, and all the other debris we carry in our energy fields and bodies. The changes were subtle yet powerful. Evert time she was a guest on a webinar I tuned in. I am extremely grateful to her and others who work tirelessly to raise the vibration of our beloved Earth. Thank you, Tamra. All my Love.”



“I’ve felt profound energetic shifts when using some of the activations over the last few years, which have contributed to the accelerated healing I’ve been experiencing. Thank you Tamra for sharing these with the world.”



“In 2012 a friend said you got to check Tamra out and I thought, weird … sacred activations.. oh yeah I tried it and have not looked back. When I have had the disposable income to purchase a package or two or three I jumped in there and had the healing. I still go back on those packages and activations to keep me “clear”. There is always so much to cleanse, clear, and release back out into the Universal Recycling Bin. When I have the disposable income I will become a practitioner. I also love that the activations take their time when they heal and have had them go too fast but I always then will ask my guides to help slow it down to a slower pace for my body to be able to absorb the energies. Thank you Tamra. It has been a fun six years and looking forward to many more. For those who have read Tamra’s books, go out and get them. Read, because as you read you are activating your Being.”



“Started my spiritual journey in 2014 after being laid off at 64 yrs. Tamra’s activations got thru that period till I retired. I experienced lots of releases: sobbed river of tears that were stuck in all parts of my body as well as letting go of anger, fear, etc. But the biggest win was remembering who I AM, a reconnection with God and my Guardian Angels, and remembering what a fantastic and happy childhood I had.”



“I asked in prayer for help and the sacred activations and meditations. A video on YouTube led me to a practitioner certified and all. I don’t know her but i felt very supported and held. No judgment.
I’m so new to all, I like that it for times like these and it’s very honest. Thank you, Tamra, because you seem to be a very down to earth human and from the videos i felt a familiar and true approach to me, sharing and being happy yourself. It shows and I have laughed and cried and felt the connection with others who are so brave in sharing what they are going through. I have focused on health, but my goal is to learn more about activations for world Peace. That is so important for me as well. I hope all human live in peace within first and then with the planet. Thank you to all, thank you, Tamra and Haley, thank you as well for answering my emails and questions.”
Ha💛 lots of love
Jessica Barragán

“I Love Tamra and her Activations and play them daily, whether in the background or actively. I am happier, more joyful, energetic, peaceful and have created my own sacred home.

My dream is to be a practitioner.

This is a painless process that my mind does not fight and my soul embraces.

Thank you Tamra.”



“I have noticed a tremendous shift after listening to the activations where suddenly I noticed I don’t have the same issues anymore they are just gone like they evaporated into thin air. I really love Tamra’s work and her continued humbleness, her laughter is contagious. My son and I will do her parasite release activation and she laughs half way thru it, we always end up cracking up along with her. I particularly love her demon release activation I use it religiously.

Once, I felt as if a giant suction cup left the top of my head after playing it. You know something funky was going on at my crown chakra.

Another time, I play the star seed activation and I saw a week later my first UFO. Love you, Tamra.”



“I own many of the activations and feel they have helped me in several areas of my life. The polar opposite activation had to be one of the strongest that shifted my beliefs immensely so I wasn’t running a particular program of thoughts that were coming in the way of my peace of mind. Grateful!”



“I have been using the sacred activations for three years and I have improved lots of thing in my life in many areas. My psychic abilities, my appearance and relationships and money matters improved a lot. Besides, I have been using them in my therapies and having good results. I want to become a trainer in the future.”



“For me the Sacred Sex Activation, was very different from the Creative Gene Activation. As you were doing the Sacred Sex activation, I saw and felt this huge Lilly flower, stem and all growing up out of my body coming from my heart and reaching towards my head. It was white, vibrant, very much alive and beautiful. I asked what it was about and was briefly shown Easter and Christ. I stored it away for the last 90 minutes and then looked it up / specific the Lilly I saw growing out of my chest, and here’s what I found:“Stargazer” lilies, like lilies in general, can represent purity and prosperity. The Stargazer lily has become varied in its symbolism, but its origins are rooted in spirituality.
Interesting isn’t it, since we were just working on prosperity:) Also as a side note. Minutes after we got off the webinar, my physical heart started having shooting electrical pains ( like electricity going down a wire. I knew I was fine and wondering what got stirred up. Moments later, as I was driving a memory from JR days and a past boyfriend ( my feeling humiliated,) came up. I just took a note and when I got home pulled it. It’s all so AWESOME.The Creative Gene activation went right along with something that became clear to me since these last activations, “that I still had more work to do behind the scenes”. Now I see that is over and I will be out and about, not hidden behind the scenes “working on myself”. All cool stuff!When your ready to teach these so I can do them too for people, I am interested:) Love and Blessings, THANK YOU!”


“I Attended the Wednesday Sacred Activation Hangouts this morning…I woke up very ill and thought I was going to have to go to emergency…it was that bad…I remembered the hangouts so I stumbled to my phone and joined the broadcast 15 min into it…by the end of the first handout I was feeling much better and more abundant …by the second call..all pain was gone and I felt completely healthy…something I have not felt in years…Thank yo, Tamra for sharing your gift….Blessings!”


“I would like to give a personal testimonial of Tamra Oviatt and her Sacred Activations. It is true it has changed my life and they are very powerful, however- I can not tell you the difference in both webinars/hangouts versus the private sessions. They to me are incredible. The one on one interaction where you are able to discuss your own personal issues and struggles compared to having others listening or perhaps possible distractions or just the fact that the sessions are custom made to what Spirit sees fit, or what you may need to conquer. I have had the opportunity to have several personal sessions with Tamra and in comparison, the healing has been awe inspiring. I think in my opinion even more powerful and the shifting seemed easier and more graceful. My private clients have seen such a dramatic change in not only my appearance, my vocabulary, my radiation and my inner light. My reading space, is off the charts. I had 7 clients in one day at a local store I read at and literally had every single person in tears of pure emotion and just because of the love and light I was channeling. I love the hangouts, but the one on ones…. Hands down…. LIFE CHANGING!!!!! Do yourself a favor, book a session or a block of sessions as I have and will continue to do. Because you’d be amazed at how many veils become lifted and how much more effortless life becomes. The work she does has changed me so much, but I know there’s more work to be done. Thank you Tamra. I LOVE and HONOR YOU!”

Viviana Duncan

“I wanted to focus on removing the blocks that were keeping me from being more financially successful. I was a little skeptical but with Tamra’s guidance, within a week I was offered a new job and made new sales in my current job. In addition, I was given insight into what I needed to make me happier in general.”


“Hi Tamra,

My life has really opened up after your Sacred Activations….
I have been busy with providing Divine Intuitive email readings for clients.

*Please know as I have always done intuitive readings for family & friends for free.

Now, since receiving your Sacred Activations & listening to them many times, just 2 days ago I started offering my services for readings and I am being paid for them now!

Thank you Thank you thank you!”

Jolee K May

“My second testimonial for Tamra. Cause, her work is so profound!

If I was limited to a simple phrase, to describe my experience with her activations, it would be: life enhancing.

After each activation I have done, my life has progressively gotten better. The stuff that seems so hard becomes easy. The answers come. Systems I need. Tools I need. Mindsets I need. People. Places. Things. It all comes.

From what I’ve experienced, they clear ‘gunk’ making it easier to create your desired life.

From the deepest, most full, most truly loving space, Tamra, thank you. The positive impact you have had on my life is beyond words.

Showers of gratitude, blessing and even more joy and plenty to you!”


“I want to thank you Tamra for this loving and powerful work that you do, and the help you have given me. I have needed a lot of help. I use the activations daily and continue to feel the shifts. Thank you so much! I think you are so giving and loving and you make me believe anything is possible. .”


”After the first set of downloads I noticed a great difference. I feel at peace with myself even when at work. I have a job in the police where I am mostly dealing with confrontation. When unexpected situations happen I feel now able to deal with them without panicking or feeling anxious. I’ve noticed that I’ve developed a better work/play balance in my life and feel fully in my body.
My friend who lives practically next door to the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland could see that I had received The Rosslyn download.
It’s been about three week since I received the second set of downloads and I’ve found even greater grace and ease, noticing the angels etc help me more and becoming aware when negative thoughts come into my mind so they can be looked at and sent to the light.
After receiving the third set of downloads that include, the God Code, Light Language and Illumination I have been receiving very vivid dreams and most of them have had a very interesting meaning or reason for being there. The Heaven on Earth which is one of the fourth set of activations has allowed me to feel lighter and I have noticed this has had a great affect on the people around me. The Creators truth activation has been monumental in keeping me in my power, one example would be when I am around my colleagues gossiping, I able to be around them without feeling I need to walk out of the room or agree with them just to fit in. I love the Life’s grid activation as I feel protected from all kinds of harmful pollutants etc.
The fifth set of activations which include:- Planetary Alignment, Starseed and Galatic Federation Activation are awesome and while I’ve been meditating, I’ve been finding myself drift off somewhere and when I awake it feels like I am descending into my body. I’m so looking forward to the next activation.”

R Ryan

“I used the Famly Constellation activation several times and it has really made a difference for my relationships. Firstly, I used it before going home to see my mother, who is terminally ill, expecting a confrontation with my youngest sister- my visit was not stressful at all and my relationship with that sister was amazingly calm. My visit with my mother was wonderful, even though she is nearing death.
In the second instance, I received an email from my daughter, who has not talked to me in 6 months, saying how she valued our relationship and wanted me in her life.”


“After 8 years of not feeling anything below my waist – and having very limited feeling above my waist – I am getting sensations back.”


“Thank you Tamra for the fabulous work you do with the Theta Healing. I’ve worked with many healing modalities and am a licensed practitioner myself. The work Tamra does is by far the fastest and deepest work I’ve ever experienced. She gets down to the core beliefs buried in your subconscious mind using muscle testing and is able to instantly remove the blocks that have been driving you and holding you back, whether in relationships, money, whatever the area of your life. There is a Freedom that is beyond being able to put into words affecting not only your mental but your physical health as well. I have made major shifts in relationships and financial issues that ordinary therapy would have taken years and still may not have been able to resolve. I am so grateful for Tamra and the work that she does.”


“I’ve had a HUGE revelation in the relationship between me n James n how I was limiting things… In turn he’s changed completely as well. I’m also extremely productive it’s as if all this stuff I’ve been wanting to get done I just started doing and completing. My skin looks amazing n my energy is thru the roof- I’m not sluggish anymore! I also feel something amazing heading my way money wise… I did the unstuck webinars tonight and I TOTALLY felt the shift… Moneys going to start flowing in..it’s the craziest feeling of just knowing and waiting. Thank you again!”

Finn Goddard

“I am a Thetahealer Practitioner and a Acupuncturist. I have learned and taught many different variations of energy work at The American Institute of Natural Healing.I work full time as an Ac
upuncturist in the chronic pain department at Kaiser Permanente in California USA.
“I know you can test the frequency of consciousness (even including truth). (Levels of Consciousness can be mapped between 1 – 1,000). So, I used David R. Hawkins Frequent Resonator Chart and found that, levels of consciousness resonate at a level between 1-1,000, most people’s consciousness resonates between 300-400.
“However, the Activations that you receive by Tamra RESONATE between 500-1,000, MOST ABOVE 900, which are HIGHER THAN MOST MASTERS CALIBRATED at in recorded planetary history.
“These activation’s bring the pure unadulterated truths back to us directly through the Heart.
“Thank you, Tamra, for being the pure Heart to receive these Activations and make it possible for the rest of us to experience them through you.”

Roshell K. LeVA (shae) L.A.c

Thetahealer Practitioner and Acupuncturist

“I got to experience Tamra’s online activations for the Animal Kingdom a few weeks ago. I wrote in during the show that a squirrel had climbed into the tree outside my window and stretched out on a limb and stayed the whole time. THEN the next morning, I watched as a little baby robin hopped into my sun room, went about 20′ into the dining area, and perched on an open drawer! It sat quietly for a bit, then it started chirping. It let me get amazingly close – about 6″. Our dog even got close to have a sniff! Finally after about 20 minutes she flew awkwardly out the nearby door. But that is not the end. The next day I could hear this chirping, and i knew it was our little friend cause even with other bird songs I recognized the voice. I followed the sound to the far end of the property and could hear the chirping coming from a tree – and below the tree was a stray cat! I was able to persuade the cat it had to go – even had a little help from a sheep next door running it along! A beautiful experience. Don’t know if it was related but I sure never experienced anything like it before! Thanks Tamra for supporting the animals. xx a.”


“I’ve been using SA for almost a year and all I can say is … TRY them! For those who have financial problems/debt, please do “Debtor Prison” I ran this activation twice a day for a couple of months … At some point, I felt like Spider man, crawling over the walls like nuts, but then, I started feeling better, more calm and I finished paying my debt. Most importantly, I don’t have the “need” of being in debt anymore. We all know that it is our belief system … So go ahead, be determined to work in the areas of you really desire to see change and you’ll have it with SA! Thank you Tamra for helping us. I love when you talk about your experiences because it relates to all of us. You are not like other healers that sound they have the perfect life and it’s only to sell their “products.All my love <3 <3 Silvy”

Silvia Edith

“It’s been over 2 months since I received the 4 sets of sacred activations.
And a couple of things have happened since then. After the first set I felt much more connected to myself and more confident being myself.
I notice in daily life that people are more helpful and kind.
And after a few days I noticed an old addiction coming up again. I used to smoke cannabis. I haven’t smoked any almost 2 years now and still knew had to do
Belief work to do on it.
So I was experiencing all these “cravings” again. Later I recognized it as my body and mind letting go of the old programming connected to this addiction.
After a while I retested myself to check if any beliefs of having this addiction where still there and to my amazement it was completely GONE!
I haven’t felt any need nor craving for it ever since.
With the 2nd set I’ve noticed a faster recovery of my body’s ability to heal itself.
I’ve also noticed that my family have benefited from this work as well as they are more at peace and more loving in their daily lives.
After receiving the 4 sets I am much calmer and peaceful as before receiving the downloads.
I’ve seem to released much feelings, cording and attachments to issues that would trigger me normally.
I still had to do belief work to clear some issues in my case.
In all I’ve changed and benefited enormously from receiving al 4 sets exponentially and I still feel it works continuously through me because it is a living energy.
I truly recommend and encourage people in receiving the sacred activations facilitated by Tamra as making quantum step in one’s personal and spiritual growth.
These “Super Downloads” will accelerate one’s Ascension process exponentially!!!
With gratitude I would like to thank Tamra & Creator for making this possible.
With Love, Simon”


“Since I received the Sacred Geometry downloads this is what has happened. I have been struggling for a year to get my new business launched. Lot’s of busy work that didn’t pay much kept showing up and because it was there and in front of me I kept jumping on that. Now my goal is to let go of what is not serving me and move into a place of expanded awareness and instead of, boy that would be nice if I could do that, I will be doing it. Instead of seeing all of the obstacles I can let that expanded part of me lead the way.”


“I just wanted to give my own testimonial. I was looking to learnTheta and I ran across Tamra Oviatt. I am a single mom of three and the fathers do not help so my funds are held tight. I wanted to invest in my spiritual tool box because I felt called to teach others. I have my own issues and I have been working with energy for about 7 years. Anyway Tamra was warm and HUMAN and by definition this is rare… especially in the spiritual world of egos normally where you deal with the representatives of folks and their masks spiritual people send thie higher selves from the 77th dimension of the 3rd Heaven to talk to you when they are teaching if you know what I mean.

She gave me a payment plan with a down payment that I had in my pocket.

She just resonated with me. I did some activation’s and I never have the AHAAA!! moments like most but I instantly quit a behavior that had to do with mother hood and began planning my work.

Now to the class!!

Our world is a grand illusion of mans missions… The majority who are creating the illusion and getting us to cosign are marketing superstars and advertising moguls. Tamra is none of that, she is just good people. There was no fancy book, outline and disclaimers. There was no mission statement and cliche terms. or philosophies. It was the history, what it does, jokes and love the BAM here it is.

And it is awesome!

So, your used to 50 symbols, organized chants, poses and focused meditations. Nope its like power on BAM.

First class demonstration asked to clear my biggest problem that just came to me “I did not feel worthy to feel Gods energy, I did not feel worthy to feels Gods miracles of instant healing” Not anymore, swish gone.

How do I know because when it was my turn to switch with my classmate I experienced the energy, the love the emotion so deeply I cried and laughed for 30 minutes and could not speak other than oh God and Jesus. I have not been to a Christian church in years and I am not what you’d call religious. I am my temple. I felt Gods energy. I have been working with Reiki, Karuna, Theta, Rays you name it and a side from a warm buzz, a twitch and the occasional swirling colors I have got nothing to brag about. Im not even going to go into what was coming out of my root chakra during the next exercise but it was powerful.

This is the truth! Simple like turning on the lights viola!!! Thanks Tamra”

Sopheriel Koah

“In December 2010 I had Open-Heart surgery. I was in hospital for 3 months and it has been a slow process getting back to a fairly good standard of health. My husband and I purchased the big package of about 29 Activations in April of this year. We started doing them straight away at rather a frantic pace. There was some initial reactions but not any longer than a couple of days. We did them solidly from April until July. Had a break of 3 weeks and are back into them again. Just recently I had an appointment with the heart surgeon who informed me the cells had apparently been renewing. We give the Activations the credit for this—-my health has improved remarkably since April. I also have diabetes type 2 and am doing the Lord Metatron, Moses Code, Fruit of Life and Organ Rejuvination and feel there are good signs showing there also. Would like a separate activation for Diabetes if possible.”

Bernie Polglase

“Hi Tamra
Thank you for today, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.
So much has been happening from that last download, that I’m curious to see what’s next.Lately, my dog (who’s alive) has been in dreams with me!! That’s amazing and so cool I can also hear him talking to me now.
Before I had a knowing what he wanted — but now I HEAR him talking
I also hear the sea talking to me — and they have been giving me loads of these unique and rare shells to this area, which I love
I also last night, was PRAYING in my dream, which is totally wacky and cool
Plus I have been working out at the gym, which I haven’t done in 6 years. (I told you that already) – I have the energy for it! which I didn’t for some years.
thank you!
quite incredible”


“Tamra’s Organ Rejuvenation class exceeded my expectations. The teachings were simple, the methods easy to use, yet so profound, deep and powerful. I have an amazing new skill set that I am thrilled to step further into! I can’t wait to see what happens!”

Cindie Ambar

“Tamra is an amazing, loving, talented theta healer and instructor. She is thoughtful, considerate, and kind, getting to the root of the problem is one of her many gifts. The limiting beliefs that I held were cleared in a matter of seconds, not days, weeks, and/or beyond. I will always be grateful and honored to have met such wonderful soul.”


“Hi Tamra, Thank you for today. every time i do the Activations i get better and Life it self gets BRIGHTER. much love and Many Blessings!”

Steven Flores

“Wow! Thanks, Tamra. I now know what it feels like to be unplugged from the Collective. I feel like a river flowing. I am also at peace and have a sense of clarity in the Present moment that I remember having as a child. When I tap into my Soul Guidance all I get is loud music and party horns! Who-whoooo!!!”

Lenaye Marsten

“During meditation, shortly after purchasing and listening to the first Foundation package, I heard, “Are you in gratitude when you are listening to these activations?” That made me realize that I was taking for granted the gifts that Tamra is providing us. From then on I made sure to go into my heart and have gratitude when listening. The experience was completely different and the energies were much stronger! I am very grateful, Tamra!”

Ginny Jablonski

“I am so honored to take the time to express to you my heart felt gratitude for the instant healing that I have received from Creator for my physical body and removal of emotional blocks that I had. You have helped clear for me the following: irregular menstruation, cervical neck pain, TMJ and emotional blocks to love, health and abundance. To everyone that has tried everything, if you have an open heart and faith in Creator, then all is possible. With the compassion and trust that Tamra gives, all healing is possible at all levels.”

“I have been very aware of my ‘spiritual roots’ since I was very young and came upon the Sacred Activations about 6 months ago. I know that the energy that is brought forth with the Sacred Activations is how ‘new humanity’ is evolving. I have studied Theta Healing, Reiki, and Light Body modalities and have found value in each, but currently with the Sacred Activations I find that when I have gotten stuck in my life the Activations get me to breathe fresh air again and renew my life with more enthusiasm and joy than I had been experiencing. I am a technical manager and sometimes find that I get stuck in the mental world. The Activations allow me to bring forth my inner nature in my professional workplace and personal life more easily which allows me to see from a higher perspective. From what I gather it also ripples out to my workplace colleagues as well. I truly enjoy doing these Activations on a regular basis. I also appreciate the journey that Tamra has taken and shared with those of us participating in the webinars. Truly exciting work.”

Janet Newman

“Hi Tamra, After we did the first set of downloads I had the best week at work this year. A little bit of a down weekend and a slightly irrelevantly start at my Monday am business meeting, I seem to be processing things better in the down time. I still have a long way to go but seem to have more energy and focus. I look forward to scheduling the next downloads…Thanks again!”


“I have known Tamra Oviatt for a number of years and have witnessed her Inner Spiritual development and growth.

For anyone looking for services of a clear channeler, I would highly recommend Tamra Oviatt.”

Dr. Mikio Sankey, L.Ac.

“I could physically feel the downloads coming in through my temple and through my third eye and crown chakra … very interesting sensation. Lots of body chills (the most wonderful feeling) and I felt peaceful too ….
I am very much looking forward to this coming Saturday. Thank you Tamra … and God Bless !”


“I had a consult with Tamra and she was able to quickly do a reading on me and discover a hormonal imbalance which was causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. She then was able to remotely rebalance my system and I have to say what an amazing shift I felt in the hours following our session. I just felt so calm and peaceful and very relaxed. I hadn’t felt that good for quite a while. I would recommend everyone give this a try!”


“I am so thankful for these wonderful activations. They have become an important part of my life, and I feel much more balanced at at ease in a lot of challenging situations. I like listening to Tamras voice very much, as she is full of love, humour and compassion. So, thank you for your inspiring work and I am looking forward to many wonderful activations to come! Love and blessings to you!”

Lars Frieske

“Hi Tamra, the community forum isn’t loading up for me but I wanted to express my gratitude for the webinars. Today’s was amazing and so much needed I feel and right on time for everybody for sure. I have been going around and around with I need to go to the dentist and no, I can do this myself for years. I feel so much clearer now and yes I can allow for balance to happen without doing anything. Awesome! Feel such a connection to all.
Much Love to you and everybody else 🙂 we are amazing !”

Doris Kindinger

“Thank you so much for an Incredible weekend! The class was simply Amazing! I can’t believe that this work continues to get Stronger! LOL It’s crazy! Major shifts for everyone.”

Katherine Clement

“As a result of these downloads I’ve noticed a fundamental change in my outlook on life. At first I described the feeling as ‘stodgy’ as a lot of resentments, old hurts, limiting thoughts/beliefs and stagnant energy came to the surface. As of releasing as much of that as I can so far, I’ve found that the feeling a strength and calm becomes clearer and clearer. I’ve been seeing some of the overall patterns in my life (and links to other existences). My connection with higher guidance has also improved. There were things that had caused me fear and hurt that are now seeming obsolete to me, I can already see them passing and they seem quite trivial. My stress levels have lowered and my back pain is gone… I’m also much more tolerant of other people. I feel like I’ve moved, like a train, out of the bush and onto the tracks where the path is more defined.”

Webinar Review

“I took 24 Sacred Activations over private sessions and she keeps on clearing the blocks as she moves on and knows when is the time to give which activation.Her Sacred Activations and private sessions put me off from Bi-Polar Medications and this was a miracle as explained to me by my doctor.The Activations has brought about a harmony in me and my relations with family and has changed my thinking,has brought so much positivity to my thinking that my whole life has changed.The way I took life 4 months back is very much different which I take it today.Its all Tamra’s work that is reflected in me and I on my behalf encourage everyone that this is the one stop where you can get your life changed.I am so much impressed by Tamra’s work that now I have taken her Certified Sacred Activations Practitioner course so that I can help other people,as a gratitude for all that I received from Tamra.Thankyou Tamra from the bottom of my heart,you are such an amazing person and that’s why I think Creator chose you to channel all these activations on people who require it and spread Love and Peace in the World and create a brand new Consciousness for ever and ever.Tamra your work is great and I can say this over and over and over again.Anyone can contact me for any query,but rest assured with Tamra you are safe and her work is pure and you will yourself find it fulfilling.”

Ankit Malhotra

““I had my first session with Tamra yesterday. I felt we covered A LOT of things, and I felt that my dollars were well spent. She is fast, intuitive, and very easy to work with. I am so happy I have found her! I feel that some things have shifted already!Before my first session, I was feeling so lonely and completely blocked from getting all the things that I wanted for my life. During the session, I worked on releasing those blocks and concentrating on bringing positive people into my life. Since the session, my life seems to have done a complete circle. I started going out, and I started meeting people. It didn’t feel like it as forced at all. It all just came together, as if it was meant to be. My blocks completely disappeared.”


“Tamra’s healings are felt deeply but what I really love about her is her sense of humor which is also healing. I love too her down-to-earth approach. Thank you, Tamra. I especially felt so much healing using Fear of Seeing the Truth, Balancing the Brain, Hormonal Balancing, and Joy, Joy, Happy, Happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Debbie Housworth

“Words can’t express the experience I had with Tamra. She was highly recommended by a friend and did not disappoint. The evening after my session I slept better than I had in a long time and it was due to the wonderful and encouraging words from Tamra. Thank you, Tamra. The world is truly blessed to have you.”


“I must say that Sacred Activations has changed my life dramatically. At first, I didn’t feel too much difference, but after a while they started to kick in. I had emotional problems and some trauma in the past. After the activations, my mind is much more clear and I feel much more optimistic about life. Most of the negative thoughts I had before have simply vanished. Thank you Tamra for this beautiful gift you offer.”

Doga Ozveren

“Hi, Tamra,
since the activation I’ve had more energy, I’m actually going to the gym every day and feeling great. On october 2nd (guardian angels’ day), I was at my cousing’s birthday and in the photo you can see an angel beside me. It was a cloudy day, and there was no light behind us. I’m the one on the left, with the angel on my shoulder.”


“I have done the sacred geometry downloads with Tamra, I did the first set & second what I can say is how amazing it has been, so many beliefs, feelings , past life problem that are affecting me have come up and continue to come up. I have continued to work with Tamra on releasing these and I couldn’t be happier. I am going through the motions of everything coming up but getting through it. I am feeling calmer, healthier, happier and so many more great things! I highly recommend these downloads and continuing to work on releasing the beliefs that come up ! Tamra is god given she is so amazing and has helped me do much and continues to. It never fails that speaking with her creates a ever securing calmness a sense of well being and as she works with you that you will feel things being released and energy and love flooding you! These downloads are amazing and so is Tamra! Thank you for all you do, you are an angel”


“Thank you Tamra very, very much. I am much more peaceful and grounded now and have no detectable anger or resentment toward my husband. This makes our communications much easier. We get along much, much better now. As for (my husband) Jamal, I noticed the difference right away. As soon as I got home, I noticed that he was much calmer, more social and in peace with himself and with his communication with me. Before he always had this anger inside him that would trigger and flair up with the smallest thing and would get us into arguments. Almost to the point of being furious all the time but his fire is totally out now and I’m very happy about it. As we speak, he is planning our trip to visit our daughter in Nicaragua. HOW IS THIS FOR A CHANGE???”


“This morning on the train into the city after having had a difficult time yesterday and another day today to deal with I listened to the Sacred Activations 31 product recording :
Illuminations Super DNA
Christ Consciousness Awareness
Fruit of Life
The God Codes
The Original Light Language
Crystal Activation
Moses Code

When I got out my Sansa mp3 player I wondered what I could listen to that would really be good for me for what was up for me and my day ahead and then I just clicked on this Sacred Activations 31 not knowing which one it was and I did it like something else was guiding my hand !! And when I got my ebook reader out to read the ebook pdf on each of the Activations I could see how each one was so perfect for me right then and I so appreciated receiving these Activations again !!! Divinely ordained !!! So much has come up with doing these Activations each week for clearing, very powerful activations…. As I sat there receiving each one on the trip in I looked at the train carriage full of people wondering if my doing this was affecting their energy !! The last Activation finnished just as the train came into my station !! Well I sure know they do have quite an effect …thankyou . I had a huge day of things to deal with and then I listened to the Busting Loose from the Money Game event replay today and the Clearing you did on something or someone you gave your power away to was so divinely arranged for me as I had a situation today that was perfect for this clearing and I could see that the class being yesterday for this Busting Loose and my listening to it after my afternoon was all connected and I was very grateful to do this clearing on it and receive it thankyou … So I got to writing this testimonial piece after such a day as the issues get brought up with these Sacred Activations so brilliantly, sometimes with some drama and upset which I managed to get through clearing madly on them !!!

Regarding the testimonial re the Power vs Force David Hawkins Map of Consciousness Levels you were tested for with your work. I hadn’t seen this testimonial and I had done my own dowsing to check the levels too using this Map and I got similar figures, so when I saw this persons testimonial it verified my own findings !! Someone I have email contact with who is into Dowsing and SRC4U etc emailed me asking me to check you out Tamra and your Activations as he was thinking of doing them and wanted a dowser like me to check out your work so that is how I got onto your Sacred Activations !! I gave him my findings of very high levels for the energy of your work etc etc however he didn’t go ahead with the webinar and to check you out I got the ebook pdf read it , went over your website and watched the videos and then found the free 3 Sacred activations recording and went great I can experience these first for free …And then I signed up for the Sacred Activations and being a theta healer myself I could assess what you were doing and saying and knew and understood your information easily !! Glad I came across you and I am looking forward to these Activations integrating fully for me in time. I even check out what percent they have already integrated and how long they will take !!!

thankyou from one Theta Healing practitioner to another”

Ericka L. Soul

Theta Healing Practitioner

“I am so grateful for the activations and sessions that I have done with Tamra, it has changed the way I look in through my spirit and mind. I feel in my soul different than I did just two weeks ago. Thanks Tamra I am so grateful.”

Carey Anderson

“Sacred Activations is so deep! I’m blown away. some seriously deep issues are surfacing now and the universe is so actively bringing them to my attention and helping me through them. Tamra, my heart-felt gratitude to you for bringing this modality into existence.”

Haritha Reddy

“Tamra’s coaching insight allowed me to move through my issues. I had no work. Soon after our sessions however I saw good things begin to snowball… a two-day booking for work became a five week booking for another job, and that led to a full time job. I also found an agent for my book. Tamra’s ability to plug into things is rapid, highly effective, and her coaching techniques helped clear the way for progress in my life.”

Jim Rogers

“Since receiving Activations from Tamra, my husband, Dr. Richard Sag MD, and I have seen miraculous changes in our lives and the lives of our children.”

Dr. Joanne Sag

“After several years of battling insomnia, I have been having the deepest most relaxing sleep and my energy has improved for the better. But that was just the beginning. It was curiosity that prompted me to sign up for Tamra’s session on “Break Through Your Money Blocks”, and then to want to attend her session on “The Pineal Gland and Your DNA.” My attitude regarding money has changed considerably for the better, my energy levels have increased, my spirit is lighter and brighter, and I find that I am more in tune with my intuition and my ability to manifest more positive things into my life. Thank you, Tamra!”


“Getting the training in The Sacred Activations by Tamra Oviatt has changed my life in some important ways.
It has given me the opportunity to help myself and others in a very fulfilling way.
I was already a ThetaHealer® and now with the Sacred Activations I feel my work being even more complete.

Whether you are a healer or not I recommend taking the training in doing the activations. At the very least you get set free from several things holding you back in your life.”

Thea Jensen

“Thank you to these amazing Sacred Activations: Universal Life Grid, Mary Magdalene, Christ Consciousness, Heaven on Earth, Bleeding Heart, Sacred Heart and so many others… And thank you to Tamra and this wonderful community for holding the space for all of us.”

Franziska Stocker